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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weak of Wanting Delivers Gentle Fury

A few weeks ago we posted a poll about which underground Heavy Music band the fans wanted to see featured on Horns Up Rocks, Weak of Wanting took the honors with a massive amount of votes from their loyal fan-base. We had the chance to interview their front lady Lisa 'Gruffalo' Brown, and it immediately became clear that this band is cutting their own path and presenting to the masses very honest music with no limitations. Here is the interview:

Horns Up Rocks: Lisa, tell us about the formation of Weak of Wanting.

Lisa: The guitarist and I have been jamming on and off since we were in school, and a year and a half ago we decided to make a go for it and form a band together. We just got ourselves a drummer and a bassist, who are still learning the songs with the intention of us all moving on as a 4 piece. Craig (Drums) and Alan (Bass) have been playing in bands together for a few years too.

Horns Up Rocks: Why do you think has helped Weak of Wanting gain a decent amount of fans in such a short period of time?

Lisa: I think that keeping up with the fan-base helps... talking to the fans and not just throwing status messages up and ignoring them when they ask questions, we see a lot of bands that do this and we hear there fans complaints about it. We stay active and have constant promotion, networking and we also helping out other musicians, promoters... all of which often involves very little sleep and what seems like very little come back, but maybe it is paying off, I hope it is.

Horns Up Rocks: How influential was the British Wave of Heavy Metal to the bands music?

Lisa: It was very influential on Craig and Alan but less so on myself and Ben the guitarist, as we are not the Metal heads in the band.

Horns Up Rocks: What's the message that Weak of Wanting wants to convey to the music world?

Lisa: We don't really have a message, we never expected to get this far, we just do what we love doing and hope others can enjoy it or find some comfort in it. We often hear that our music helped people in some way or another, mentally, emotionally or otherwise.

Horns Up Rocks: What's in the agenda for Weak of Wanting for the next year?

Lisa: The plan is to get a decent CD out to the fans as we've promised, hopefully do some more shows and festivals preferably as a 4 piece. A decent record deal would always go down nicely but otherwise I'll keep on at it myself, which doesn't look like too much of a daunting prospect considering all the very poor record labels out there that are dying on there arses 10 to the dozen anyhow.

- Artist Biography:

Weak Of Wanting are a new and quickly rising act in the Alternative Rock scene, in their first year they have already been MySpace band of the week, are the highest rated band on Vampirefreaks.com (a leading alternative culture website) and have amassed well over 10,000 fans worldwide. The band has a vibrant and active internet community surrounding them, meaning that wherever they play they will have support. Their influences are PJ Harvey, Alter Bridge and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Lisa (the vocalist) is the face and epic voice of Weak of Wanting. Though she looks sweet and innocent she is known for her powerful vocal range and haunting timbre. She spent a lot of her early singing career in punk bands and since leaving them, has spent many years training and refining her vocal style which is now unique and beautiful. Her writing style is almost sub conscious and is on a very emotional level but despite this she is a very professional musician and remains humble about her looks and rising fame, she speaks directly to her fans all the time and feels very strongly that the band should take the time to thank people for the support whenever they can.

Ben (guitarist) has spent almost as long being a sound engineer as he has playing the guitar and spends a great deal of time considering the shaping of the bands overall sound. His original idea was to try and create a lot of dynamic and ambient changes to suit Lisa’s voice and showcase his own abilities, knowing they only had two instruments he filled there mixes with a mixture of contrasting mixture heavy overdubs and minimalism to create the dynamic shifts he wanted as well as a combination of drone notes and open voiced chords to add harmonic interest.

Craig and Alan are both friends of each other and Ben, as he recorded one of Alan’s earlier Metal projects, although they are very recent additions to the band they are formidable song writers in there own right and very experienced musicians. The early practices have been excellent the band gel incredibly quickly and were able to improvise fluidly from the very first day. There addition to the band has been the stepping stone Weak Of Wanting have been waiting for to go out and do some real gigs and finally connect in person with there large fan group

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The interview was Awwwwsum,I Hope Weak of Wanting gets ALL they are looking for and deserve. Keep Rockin It Out Guys