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Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day with Earth Crisis

On Thursday April 22, my partner in musical crime (Cyn) and I, headed over to The Gramercy Theater in Manhattan for the first stop from the Earth Crisis national headlining tour called "Wrath of Sanity". After running like a maniac from work to my place to grab all my stuff and from my place to the Gramercy Theater, I arrived as Long Island's From Bliss to Devastation was opening the tour. I immediately ran inside and recorded some video of them rocking. I will post this video very soon, along with the exclusive interview I did with them. This guys are definitely worth checking out!

After From Bliss to Devastation finished their set, Burning Empires took over and played a decent set but didn't have the same fire as the opening band. I was expecting a lot more from a band that features members of Fall Out Boy and Misery Signals. Once they finished their set, I headed downstairs and interviewed From Bliss to Devastation. Unfortunately, I missed most of Thick as Blood, but Cyn said they passed the Hard Core test. Once I caught the end of their set, I went on a mission to find Karl Buechner (singer from Earth Crisis) and get an interview with him. I don't know if it's destiny, but I ran into him within minutes and he was definitely down for an interview. Mission accomplished!

At 9:30, it was finally time for Hard Core legends Earth Crisis to kick off their headlining tour in a New York style. Being a fan of Earth Crisis since the mid 90's, I have always considered them one of my favorite Hard Core bands and I am glad this was the show I picked from a handful of shows happening that same night. The band is tighter than ever and their message is still very strong. I know many out there put down the fact that Earth Crisis are worldwide promoters of the Straightedge life style, but I have always said that musical movements are like religion: you can't agree with everyone, but you must respect everyone.

As Earth Crisis stomped on stage at The Gramercy Theater, the crowd was moving and even though the venue wasn't fully packed as I was expecting it to be, the circle pit was insane! I mean, Earth Crisis with their passionate and energetic music will get a dead person pitting in seconds. If you have a chance to catch Earth Crisis on tour, don't even think twice. Earth Crisis are proof that Hard Core lives and its not going anywhere! And here is some proof of that!

Here is an exclusive interview with Karl Buechner (singer from Earth Crisis) and as you will see, the man is more genuine than a 20 K diamond. Here is what went down, along with some live footage caught by the Horns Up Rocks Eye! Enjoy!

Earth Crisis - All Out War in New York (PLUS Pt1 of interview with Karl Buechner)

Earth Crisis - So Others Live in New York (PLUS Pt2 of interview with Karl Buechner)

Earth Crisis - Gomorrah's Season Ends in New York (PLUS Pt3 of interview with Karl Buechner)

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