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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tribute to Mario Comesanas (Only the good die young)

When we heard the sad news that Mario Comesanas had passed away at the young age of 30, from a brain hemorrhage that was caused by a rare form of leukemia, there was no doubt in our minds that this sad news would affect everybody within the Heavy Music community.

Throughout his career in music, Mario left his mark as been a genuine, passionate, and charismatic guy. Ever since he started doing radio at WSOU 89.5 FM with a show called "Hardcore Reality", it was evident that Mario was a huge supporter of Heavy Music and that he wanted to devote his career to all things heavy.

Soon after he graduated from Seton Hall University, he joined Sirius Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM) and started working with Jose Mangin as a DJ in Hard Attack (now Liquid Metal). During his tenure there, he also started working with Revolver Magazine at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, were he hosted artist meet and greets and did some marketing work for the magazine. Mario had also recently joined the independent label distributor RED Distribution.

Mario was also the singer of December Aeternalis, and most recently, Low Road. Ironically, we had recently talked to Mario about booking Low Road for the first Horns Up Rocks show in New Jersey.

Please put your Horns Up for Mario Comesanas, our Metal and Hardcore brother!

This is what his friends and colleagues had to say about Mario's passing:

"It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our very close friend & fellow Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas, who passed away earlier this evening at 8:39 PM ET in Jersey City, NJ... I got the chance to say goodbye, hold his hand, kiss his head & tell him thank you for being a Metal soldier with me all these years & to say hi to Dime for me... Our thoughts & prayers are with his fiance Liz, Mario's family, friends & fans worldwide... For respect for the family any other information will have to wait. We love you Mario & thanks for coming into our lives swinging & kicking! Rest in Peace..." - Jose Mangin (Sirius Xm Liquid Metal)

"I am in utter shock, he is a young young man, with a fiancee, and a whole future ahead of him - we worked together for close to 5 years - the Revolver family is collectively speechless..." - Josh Bernstein (Revolver Magazine)

"RIP Mario Comesanas. A true supporter of Metal & Hardcore & all around great guy. Condolences to his friends and family, and all at Sirius XM Liquid Metal." - Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Jasta)

"I hate that this is how it has to be and that you will never be able to hold me or smile at me or say "marry me?" in that retarded voice, but I love that I will forever be able to hear your voice through recordings and music until the day I die. I'm so glad you have SO many people in your life that love you deeply and post pictures of you that I can gaze at for hours. I don't know how to live without you but like you said, I'm the strongest person you know and I'll spend the rest of my life trying to live up to that. This blunt is for you." - Liz (Mario's Fiance)

"We would like to send Prayers to the Friends/Family of Mario Comesanas... Besides Metal... Mario was always a Hardcore kid, a 1000% genuine friend. Helped BNB in more way than 1! Its a VERY SAD DAY for all of us... He was at the BNB Bowl a few weeks ago doing what he always did... SUPPORTING The HC Community! Mario, we love you... May you R.I.P." - Black N Blue Productions

"It is with a sad heart that I say goodbye to a good friend & fellow Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas who passed away earlier this evening at 8:39 PM ET. My prayers are with his fiance Liz, Mario's family, friends & fans... for respect to the family any other information is private at this time. Mario, I can still hear your laugh in my head. Thank you for blessing our lives with laughter and love. Rest in Peace..." - Kayla Riley

"Mario, thank you for being a true pioneer to all that was Metal. Your kindness and everything about you. It brought me great pleasure to work with you. Your talent and compassion for everything you did. I am a little short of words right now, I will miss you my brother. God bless you." - Munsey Ricci

"My ally in brutality at Sirius, I will miss you, Mario." - Ian Christie

"Mario Comensanas was one of the most inspirational people to fucking grace this earth. RIP my coworker, my peer, my fellow musician, hustla & dear friend. We were but once just kids." Zeena Koda (Sirius XM Liquid Metal)


Mario's last interview was with New York Hard Core legends Agnostic Front, a day before the Black N Blue Bowl! This song is dedicated to Mario, Rest in Peace brother!

Mario, in behalf of the entire Heavy Music community: Thank you so much for everything you did for all of us! You will never be forgotten and we all love you!


Ariel said...

Mario has been my best friend for 18 years. i was planning his wedding in Miami October 15th this year. just 4 days ago we spoke about the plans... he was stoked to be Marrying Liz... I was so happy that he finally found his soulmate;I just cant believe he is gone. Taken too soon.

JSS- said...

One of my oldest and dearest friends. We had such big plans. Love you brother.

jim anest said...

I can't believe what I just heard!!! I will miss all the great metal. Horns in the air always man. My thoughts are with you and the family. RIP
jim anest az


Anonymous said...

I want to thank the Heavy Music community for all the love you have shown my nephew Mario, It has blessed the family to know how many cared. May God grant you spirit to Rock On!

Rev. Roberto Comesanas

Steve Yatchenya said...

I met Mario back in early 2000 and we worked together at 89.5 WSOU. I will never forget the passion and drive that he brought with him in everything he did. It was a pleasure to work together and an honor to be his friend. May all the good gods bless ya brother. Raise em up \m/ -Stiff Steve

Michael said...

He was a good dude! Always smiling and always supporting the scene. I will always thank him for playing my shows and making my shows memorable. Mario Rest In Peace Brother.


Kara O'Connor said...

A good man, and musical warrior. Mario, you better get that pit going up there. \m/

AMK said...

I had the pleasure of getting to know Mario during my stint at SOU. He was a down-to-earth guy who was always in a good mood.

Just a great person to be around. Gone way too soon. R.I.P.

David said...

So very sad & I send my very heart-felt feelings to his family and friends. The best way I can remember Mario is with this poem I wrote years ago:

Death of a Hero

Weep not for thy Soul,
For It has been set free upon the Heavens and from the burdens of
Man and Earth.
I am free…

Weep not for thy Life,
Shall I have lived it honorably and with valor, thus my Life has had meaning and should be celebrated – not mourned.
My Life has been released from its bondage.
I am free…

Weep not for the countless men, women and children who have unwillingly traveled the road from this World to the next.
Their lives taken – lost amongst the many lifeless and broken.
Fear not the Hereafter – but embrace it for it is as nothing seen before by Man or Beast. All who enter this realm will be reborn by the Hand and Mercy of the Creator.
We are free…

Weep not for thy Kin,
for in Death comes the knowledge that all Men and Creed are created in balance with our concept of the Creator and Universal Doctrine.
Thus, in the Family of the Renaissance, I have discovered – to my amazement – that all the people I have ever known are kin to me, and me to they…
This is truly wondrous to behold –
a place where all Men are Brothers in the truest sense of the Word.
We are free…forever.

R.I.P. Mario.

- David in So. CA

Anonymous said...

Mario was one of the first DJ's I heard on what was then Hard Attack. A good dude who told it straight and simple. He always seemed to be about to play a song from one of my favorite bands. I've lost several relatives and a friend to cancer. It hurts a long time but it helps a little to donate to cancer charities. Knowing that my $$$ is helping to kill this disease makes me smile a bit. Cuz killing a monster like cancer is metal. Horns up to you Mario. Say hi to Dio for us. \m/

Monica in Tempe, Az said...

I am a friend of a friend to Mario's fiance. I heard the story of what happened and even though I didn't know him, I am very saddened to hear about this. I will keep Liz and Mario's family and friends in my heart and thoughts. Losing someone is never easy especially when it is so sudden as this was. I am very sorry for everyone's loss. RIP Mario!

Alena said...

Although I've known Mario for such a short period of time I can truly say he was one of the coolest ppl I met in my life time.He was always laid back and seemed so carefree. I know the angles have big plans for him. Mario this puffs for you dude. Rock on.
Liz we got you
-Alena & Gisela

billyBam said...

Sadden buy this tragedy .I would always listen 2 mario with cracks ,& head banging hangovers. He always brought a smile, just to let u no how much it hurt when you drank to much ... You and your voice will be miissed...

Sarah said...

I am saddened by this great loss of an overall good human being. Mario was an amazing dude and a totally genuine person. I have known him for quite a few years and talked to him not that long ago - it was a shock to find out he went so soon. I hope that there will someday be a cure for this terrible illness - no one deserves to be robbed of their life - especially a person who would have otherwise benefited and did benefit society in such a positive way. Rest in peace brother - I pray you are resting without any suffering.

JewelzVoice said...

Mario, Words can't ever express the loss we have on earth without you. You were my fellow Latino metalhead starting out from our days at WSOU and then Sirius Satellite Radio. I was so very fortunate to have worked with you and call you my friend. Tears are shed and we'll all meet up in heaven one day. You supply the music and I'll bring the food. Forever Missed, Irreplacable and NEVER EVER forgotten. God Bless you and all your peoples. Ironbound, Brick City! Love, Jewelz Lopez and Family