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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Kings of Metal Pantera, debuted a previously unreleased song called "The Will To Survive" on their official Facebook page. The song has the vibe of Power Metal, combined with the furious groove of Cowboys From Hell. In case you don't know this, Rhino is re-releasing Pantera's legendary album Cowboys From Hell on September 14th. The Official release party will take place at Duff's Brooklyn on September 10th.

The re-release of Cowboys From Hell will be delivered in various formats thanks to Rhino Entertainment. One of those version is a three-disc package, which includes the demos of this legendary album. For more details about this release and for a more detailed view of the packaging, become a Pantera fan on Facebook.


Here is a video tribute we put together for PANTERA's COWBOYS FROM HELL!

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