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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday bashing with Horns Up Rocks

We just wrapped up an amazing holiday bashing weekend, which once again proved the importance of Horns Up Rocks. From the No Mercy Metal bash at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, to the Bronx takeover with Brutal Bitches Productions at Gleason’s Bar, to Death-Mas at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, to getting Crowbent with Crowbar at Santos Party House in Manhattan… all we can say is holy f%#k Heavy Music is alive and strong here in New York goddamn City!

Thursday's bash at Public Assembly was organized by Tim Martinez (AKA DJ Tim 37), and the Gotham Rocks team. The party got kicked off by Desolate, who brought their usual face melting kick in the ass cowbell Metal. Then we all got burned by Eyes Like Cyanide, a band who recently switched singers without losing a notch of their craft.

All of a sudden we were all forced to find out what Lies Beneath, and what lies beneath is some head crushing furious Metal! Next up, was a band that always ignites the party Metal with the use of Heavy artillery and beer funnels: Slam One Down. Finishing the night was Fin’Amor, who laid down every part of their set with extreme precision. All in all, another night of bringing people together for some head-banging exercises.

On Friday we were invited by Alissa Shimansky of Brutal Bitches Productions, to experience some punishing brutality at Gleason’s bar. After cranking some tunes and getting the house warmed up, our founder Jo Schuftan dedicated the night to Dimebag Darrell Abbott (Pantera/Damageplan) and John Lennon (The Beatles), who were shot on the same date (December 8). Soon after, he introduced Resolution 15: a band that always proofs that violins are Metal as hell! Following Resolution 15 was Everything’s Ruined, who displayed some hard hitting skills that made the bar shake like an earthquake. Then Perish the Thought laid down the law, with some hard hitting shredding sounds. Finishing the night of brutality was Karnage Krew, who brought various flavors of Heavy Music, including Thrash Metal, Hardcore, and good ol' Punk rock. The event was followed by a chaotic after party, and a brutal hangover.

"Brutal Bitches Productions has come a long way since forming in January. Last week's amazing show has proven that heavy music still thrives in the Bronx. The amazing line up of bands absolutely K-I-L-L-E-D I-T. There is so much underground talent out here, and we are glad to be putting our own dent in the history of the Metal scene. We look forward to continuing the tradition for the hungry fans and skilled bands of our area throughout 2011 and beyond" (Alissa Shimansky of Brutal Bitches Productions)

Saturday night we took over The Trash Bar, and the vibe couldn't have been better. From the moment our founder Jo Schuftan started the night with some Lamb Of God, the venue started getting packed. The first band of the night was Death Immortal, who immediately got the crowd going furious thanks to their stage presence and musical power. Then Thinning the Herd did what they do best: make bodies groove with their heavy sludge! Then Delaware's The World Lost rocked the fuck out and managed to leave the crowd hungry for King Hell. The Funk Metal masters always deliver the horns and the leather. Saturday was no exception. They sounded crisp, and made sure nobody stood still. After the intensity of King Hell, the crowd needed some energy. Thankfully, Ikillya made sure to inject every person in the crowd with a lethal dose of adrenalized Death Metal. Ending the night was Oddman In, who delivered a fun and Heavy performance. Once we wrapped things up, we headed to Duff’s Brooklyn and celebrated the life of Dimebag Darrell Abbott. What a night!

What people are saying about Death-Mas 2010:

"Thanks to all you King-Hellions and all the other killer bands we played with Saturday at The Trash Bar: IKILLYA, Odd Man In, Death Immortal, World Lost, and THINNING THE HERD. Also, special thanks to Jo Schuftan and Horns Up Rocks for the excellent promotional work. Everyone involved made it an AMAZING, SOLD OUT F@CKING NIGHT!!! In gratitude, we bought you all a bitchin' bouquet. See ya at Ace Of Clubs on 1/14!" (King Hell)

"Thanks to everyone who came out to the Trash Bar last night! Great show and some awesome bands. See you all soon!" (IkillYa)

"Brooklyn was amazing! We need to thank Evil Steve, King Hell, THINNING THE HERD, IKILLYA, Death Immortal, Odd Man In, and Wyld Chyld Brooklyn. You Packed the house for us and treated us as if we were one of your own. We will not forget that. We can't wait to come back and kick some more ass with you guys and we will be bringing you all to Delaware to kill it with us! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" )The World Lost)

"Last night at Trash Bar was amazing! So inspiring to see the hard work put in by the artists and the dedication of the crowd to create such an incredible night. Big time thanks to everyone that sweat for this event! To all you headbangers that crowded the place, you 'effin rule \m/" (Daniel Martinez from King Hell)

"The best Brooklyn crowd we've EVER played for... METAL LIVES IN BROOKLYN!!!" (Doc Thompson from King Hell)

"Death-Mas at trash was Awesome! Thanks to everyone who played and came to hang with us." (Bryan Dundon from King Hell)

"Yo! Saturday was off the chain. Thanks for everything!" (Gavin Spielman from Thinning The Herd)

"The gig at The Trash Bar on Saturday night was out of control! Thanks to all the bands that played and hung out with us! Big ups to Evil Steve, Snarky Mamacita, Todd Dupee, Nancy (Kink Magazine Owner), Horns Up Rocks for putting it all together, and of course, all the fans that showed up in full force! Thank you all! :D" (Death Immortal)

"Dude, last night was fucking awesome!!" (Mark Johnson of Death Immortal)

"You fucking rock!!!!! Full house at the Trash Bar!!!! I'd like to thank Joseph Schüftan from Horns Up Rocks for a FANTASTIC night. The Trash Bar was filled to the rim!" (Nancy from King Magazine)

"Great night at the Trash bar. I have NEVER (in the 4 years I've been doing this) seen The Trash Bar that full! What a blast! Awesome job! HORNS UP!" (Bob Marino of FN Radio)

"We get to The Trash Bar and the place is PACKED! I’m talking wall to wall, front to back, shoulder to shoulder packed. We make it into the back room for the show and we had to muscle our way to the bar for a drink. I see some people I know as well as the people who are running the show. Jo Schuftan from Horns Up Rocks and ‘Evil’Steve Ventura who booked the show as a fund raiser for Toys for Tots." (Judge McPoach of Slam One Down)

For videos, pictures, and more about these events, PLUS the Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down, Kingdom of Sorrow) interview, stay tuned to HornsUpRocks.com!!!

We want to thank the No Mercy Metal Crew, the ladies from Brutal Bitches Productions, the staff at The Trash Bar, the Death-Mas crew: Daniel Martinez (King Hell/Alekhine’s Gun), Jason Lekbergh (Ikillya), and Alex Dementia (The Resurrection Sorrow). Billy Deluso (Wyld Chyld Tattoo), Evil Steve (OFN Radio), Jimmy Duff (Duff’s Brooklyn), all the bands that participated, the fans, and of course the Horns Up Rocks familia! \m/

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IMPRINTED by Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)

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Bob Marino said...

Indeed kick ass times were had looking forward to more in 2011! \m/ HORNS UP