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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Dark Arts Music Festivus Redefined Heavy Music

On Saturday May 7, 2011, history was made at The Dark Arts Music Festivus. While the day started with one of the bands dropping out from the show, we are true believers that everything happens for a reason and were not going to let a small dent take away our ultimate goal of making the event a complete success. We immediately made the decision to not bring another band in, because there simply wasn't enough time and we were very confident that the remaining bands could seamlessly take control of the show.

Upon arriving to The Trash Bar, we had a chance to enjoy a Newcastle Beer before the artistic storm arrived in Brooklyn. Once the artists arrived and started hanging up their amazing work, we immediately knew that it was going to be a very special night.

At 8 PM, we opened the doors and our founder Jo Schüftan kicked off the night by blasting some Ozzy through the PA while the crowd started packing the venue and indulging themselves with some free PBR and Well Liquor (courtesy of The Trash Bar).

Once everyone settled in had their guts filled with PBR, Alissa Shimansky from Brutal Bitches Productions took over the stage and welcomed Olum on stage. Joining the band on stage was artist Lauryn Yovino, who created a very cool piece of art. The crowd definitely liked the mix of art and music at the same time. We got to say that for being their first show ever, the Olum boys did a fantastic job. Its refreshing to see a new band take their music very seriously (they were the first band to arrive) both on and off stage. Up next was Left In Ruins, a band who brought their furious Metal and good vibe to The Dark Arts Music Festivus. They got the pit spinning out of control, while the amazing Joey Hernandez created a sick piece of art.

The Resurrection Sorrow has been making a lot of noise and its not in vain. Lead by Alex Dementia, the band was a perfect fit in between Left In Ruins and Desolate. They sounded tight and groovy as hell, and having James Groeling by their side inspiring the crowd to headbang like Cliff Burton was a perfect match. Then when the crowd thought they might get to catch their breath, Desolate stepped on stage to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

After having to cancel their 10th anniversary show due to the closure of Ace Of Clubs a few days before the show, we immediately reached out to them in order to book them for the Dark Arts Music Festivus. Once they confirmed, we knew it was going to be a great night for the Heavy Music scene in New York City. The band kicked off their chaotic set with full force and didn't rest until their final song. During their set the debauchery was in full effect, specially when the clock hit midnight and it was Jose Rivera's (Desolate's frontman) birthday! Our founder Jo Schüftan got on stage and sang him a Metallic Happy Birthday, then the shots started pouring.

The statement that Desolate, The Resurrection Sorrow, Left In Ruins and Olum made reflects the state of the scene in New York City, in which everyone is helping each other out and putting the pedal to the Metal. We could not be any happier! Thanks to all the bands, artists, Brutal Bitches Productions, and the awesome staff at The Trash Bar! HORNS, THUMBS and BEERS up! More cowbell anyone?!

Here is what people had to say about The Dark Arts Music Festivus:

"At the beginning of the night, I had a message from my family telling me that my father was called in for a lungs transplant, due to emphysema. I was shocked and needed the energy of the crowd to give me hope and courage. Putting this show together was a lot of hard work and it didn't stop until I left the bar. It was all worth it and the energy in the room empowered me. Desolate made me very proud! I got to say that if it wasn't for The Trash Bar being a source of inspiration for anyone who enters the bar, the events we have hosted there would have not been a huge success. After the show, we made sure everything was set for the party THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" - Jo Schüftan (founder of Horns Up Rocks).

"Desolate would like to thank ALL the peeps who came out for our 10th anniversary show Saturday night! Special thanks to Horns Up Rocks & Brutal Bitches Productions for putting on another killer show! The pit was absolutely INSANITY! Our brothers in Left In Ruins were noo joke as usual. Well, till next time... Let's give it a big one Wooooooooo!!!!!! Thank you." - DESOLATE

"AWESOME SHOW LAST NIGHT! THANK YOU Joseph Schüftan, I hope your father continues to recover successfully! And THANK YOU to The Trash Bar for providing an amazing venue for the NYC METAL scene! AND SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ARTISTS Joey James Hernandez, James Groeling, Lauryn Yovino, Joe Janaro AND Jason Tamvakis! AND BIG UPS THANKS AND RESPECT TO THE BANDS THAT CONTINUE TO DELIVER TIME N TIME AGAIN, Left In Ruins, DESOLATE, The Resurrection Sorrow, & OLOM." - Alissa Shimansky (Brutal Bitches Productions)

"Had a BLAST at The Trash Bar, L.I.R. will definitely be returning to Brooklyn asap to tear it up again!!! Thanks to all who came out and supported, and huge props to DESOLATE for sticking around for 10 years and bringing the Metal in NYC!!!" - Left In Ruins

"I can honestly say that tonight was freaking awesome. How many people can say that they got to go to a Metal concert with some amazing bands, drink large quantities of liquor for free, meet new people and paint to live music from the headlining band... And get paid for it?! Who's got a better life than that, hell yeah...... Also a lil buzzed at the moment. :)" - James Groeling

"Signs it was a great night. My neck hurts like I got punched in it. Crumbled up money in my pockets. Being able to smell the Jameson on myself. Checking the memory card and realizing I took 500+ pics last night." BetYouIDid (Official photographer of The Dark Arts Music Festivus)

"Great show I had a wonderful time! Thank you for letting people know Heavy Metal and Hard Rock is not dead!" - Dagna (Staten Island)


Photo credits:
Dagna Natoli

Video by: Jeremy Friedman

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