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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Judge's Verdict On The CENTURY MEDIA Vs. LACUNA COIL Illegal Downloaders Case!

As previously reported, a New Jersey attorney filed lawsuits on behalf of Century Media Records that collectively target more than 7,000 people for allegedly using peer-to-peer networks to unlawfully distribute 'Dark Adrenaline', the most recent album by the Italian band LACUNA COIL, and 'Dystopia', the 2011 album by ICED EARTH.

It has been reported, that a New Jersey judge has quashed nearly a thousand of subpoenas that were requested in a BitTorrent suit involving 'Dark Adrenaline', ruling that the case improperly joins mass defendants together.

U.S. District Judge Faith S. Hochberg threw out all of the defendants with the exception of one John Doe for the claim. As a result, 943 unnamed defendants have been pared from suit filed by a New Jersey attorney on behalf of Century Media Records.

Hochberg, in her October 10 ruling, said that the case appeared to be a misjoinder, finding that "there must be a connection between defendants beyond the copyrighted work and method of distribution, namely that defendants were involved in the same transaction with the same downloader at the same time."

In the case, Hochberg said that she would sever all Doe defendants except the first Doe of the suit "without prejudice," permitting the plaintiff to bring the claim again in conformity with the rules set forth by the judge.

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