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Friday, October 19, 2012

Philip Anselmo's Favorite Songs Include Songs By SLAYER, LED ZEPPELIN, U2, SWANS, THE ROLLING STONES, THE BEATLES & QUEEN!!

Philip Anselmo is one of the best Heavy Music vocalists of all time! His musical ear was trained by the slew of bands that were around the French Quarters in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is were Anselmo grew up. Here are some of Anselmo's favorite songs. Let us know which are YOUR favorite songs at the comments section below.

- SLAYER: "At Dawn They Sleep"
- LED ZEPPELIN: "Battle Of Evermore"
- U2: "A Drowning Man"
- SWANS: "Blind"
- THE ROLLING STONES: "Painted Black"
- THE BEATLES: "A Day In A Life"
- QUEEN: "The Prophet's Song"

HERE is an extensive gallery of DOWN's recent concert in New York City!

Photo by: Zulie Alvarez (www.zuliephotographierocks.com/)

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