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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SOULFLY Announces Temporary Replacement For David Kinkade!

As previously reported, drummer David Kinkade has decided to retire from the music industry. "I decided two months ago that music is no longer worth the effort to me anymore", stated Kinkade. "After this (SOULFLY tour), I'm going to retire from drumming and music all together and focus on my family rather than myself." Read his full statement HERE!  

SOULFLY's manager Gloria Cavalera (Max Cavalera's wife) has confirmed to us that her son Zyon Cavalera (Lody Kong) will be filling in for SOULFLY while they find a permanent replacement for Kinkade. This is what Gloria posted on her Facebook page regarding this announcement:

"And last but not least, before I dash off to work... can I make an announcement for the next leg of the Maximum Cavalera Tour in the US/Canada (tour dates to be announced)??? Zyon is gonna be bashing the drumheads in back of the Soulfly frontline!!! You are the first to know! Have a rager!!"

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