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Thursday, November 1, 2012

KING'S X: Drummer Jerry Gaskill Suffers Extreme Losses During "FrankenSandy" - Help Him Out!

Sandy the bitch keeps striking! It has been reported that KING'S X drummer Jerry Gaskill and his wife suffered extreme losses during Hurricane Sandy. Jerry and Julie live on the coast of New Jersey, which was one of the states that was most affected by the storm. They lost almost every material possession they owned and are displaced from their home.

The friends and fans of Jerry Gaskill are uniting to raise money to help Jerry and his wife rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to help, anything you can give will be treated as a gift and is not tax deductible. Click HERE to help!

As previously reported, Gaskill suffered a heart attack on February 26, 2012 and underwent an emergency operation before being released from the hospital three weeks later. So he really needs all of our help! Jerry still has a ton of medical bills to take care of, so help him out by buying some KING's X Music

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