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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tragedy Strikes The New York Metal Scene: Rick Cimato From THINNING THE HERD/GODS GREEN EARTH Passes Away During The Holiday Weekend!

Hey guys, Jö Schüftan here. I hope you all had a GREAT holiday weekend and that in 2013 all of your dreams come true!

It is with a very heavy heart that I need to break some very sad news, which I hate to do (but it is part of the "job"). My good friend Gavin Spielman, frontman from THINNING THE HERD, has posted the following message regarding the passing away of his best friend and drummer Rick Cimato:

"I just found out my best friend and drummer Rick was killed in a car accident this weekend.

"I don't think I can continue with Thinning the Herd anymore."

- Gavin


"Rick was in an auto accident last night... he did not survive it. His brother Nick and Ashley are both in surgery. Pray for all, I am devastated by his loss." - Marian Cimato (family member)

"Rick Cimato, my old roommate, band mate, and friend was killed yesterday in a car accident coming home from his Moms in Maine. Somewhere in CT a 22yr old was driving north in the southbound lane. Head on collision. His gf Ashe and brother Tony are in hospital in surgery due to severe injuries." - Jason Madrock

"Ashley is OK. She broke her left eye socket and ruptured spleen, but is OK. Nick is also out of surgery and is going to be fine." - Posted on Rick Cimato's memorial page

Via NBC:

According to state police, Michael Heeks, 22, of Mansfield, was driving a 2011 Honda Accord northbound in the southbound lanes of Route 15 just after 2 a.m. when he hit a 2004 Hyundai Elantra head on near exit 66, by the Meriden town line with Wallingford.

Heeks' car rolled over and landed upside down in the median.

Heeks died in the crash, as did the driver of the Hyundai, 37-year-old Patrick Cimato, of Lisbon Falls, Maine. Cimato was driving in the proper direction when he was hit by the car driven by Heeks, police said.

Cimato's two passengers, Nicholas Cimato, 47, of New York City, and Ashley Robinson, 30, of Brooklyn, New York, both survived the crash.

Please take a moment to send Rick, his family, his friends, and his band mates in both THINNING THE HERD and GODS GREEN EARTH, the most rocking positive vibes!

I was honored to have had Rick perform his very last show at the Horns Up Rocks' "Holiday Tribute Show For Dimebag Darrell and the victims of Hurricane Sandy" with THINNING THE HERD, and I will personally never forget how he was the first person I ran into when I arrived at The Trash Bar that Saturday, December 8th. ROCK IN PEACE brother and see you on the other side!

Recently, THINNING THE HERD unfurled a brand NEW self-released video from their pending third full-length, 'Freedom From The Known', the album recorded over the Summer by Steve Albini (NIRVANA).

With February 2, 2013, now confirmed as the street date for 'Freedom From The Known', THINNING THE HERD’s psychedelic self-released video for the opening track from the album, “Never Wanted,” brings some fun and shame and good old fashioned filth back to Rock without a dribble of pretentiousness. Stated Stoner/Rock/Metal portal The Obelisk about the NEW visual depiction of the track: “Some videos just have it all, man. Drug innuendo, psychedelic booty dancing, a swirling drummer, tripped out ’90s-type digital effects, Orange stacks, the Buddha. The list goes on.”

Watch the video here:

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Ethan Murphy said...

Always a tragedy to lose someone. Hopefully one day his family will find peace, very sad news.

Unknown said...

To my brother Gavin, and the friends and family of Rick Cimato, all my deepest condolences. I'm so sad and sorry to hear this. I loved the sounds you put out together over the years, and I understand how bands become family through the strife of living and working through music, and music will carry you through-together. Gavin, if there's anything you need and I can do, feel free to reach out anytime, brother. Our prayers are with you and his friends and family.

Jared Hassan Foles
World Eater Recordings, NYC