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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blast From The Past: Watch SLIPKNOT's Groundbreaking Debut At The Dynamo Open Air In 2000!

On June 3, 2000, SLIPKNOT debuted at the Dynamo Open Air in Nijmegen, Holland. For many years the bands vocalist Corey Taylor considered the performance below as the best one in the bands career. Charged with eleven songs and plenty of fire, SLIPKNOT went insane as soon as they stepped on stage with their infamous intro "742617000027" and didn't stop until their closed their set with "Surfacing". Watch the video below to see how thousands of fans raged out of control to the demonic sounds of one of the most important bands in Heavy Music history!

Live at Dynamo Open Air, Nijmegen, Holland: June 3, 2000. SETLIST:

1. 742617000027 - 0:00
2. (sic) - 1:57
3. Eyeless - 5:25
4. Wait and Bleed - 10:25
5. No Life - 13:10
6. Liberate - 16:55
7. Purity - 20:59
8. Prosthetics - 25:20
9. Spit It Out - 31:20
10. Get This - 37:50
11. Surfacing - 40:15

Personnel Aside from their real names, members of the band are referred to by numbers zero through eight.

(#8) Corey Taylor: Vocals
(#7) Mick Thomson: Guitars
(#0) Sid Wilson: Turntables
(#6) Shawn Crahan: Custom percussion, backing vocals
(#2) Paul Gray: Bass
(#1) Joey Jordison: Drums, mixing
(#3) Chris Fehn: Custom percussion, backing vocals
(#4) Jim Root: Guitars (Performed on "Purity" and "Me Inside")
Josh Brainard: Guitars (not credited)
(#5) Craig Jones: Samples, media

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