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Monday, March 11, 2013

PANTERA: Footage Of The Bands Last Concert Ever!

Gotta love YouTube! Over the weekend we were browsing through the super popular video site and found footage of PANTERA's very last show! The bands last show took place at BEAST FEAST at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan, on August 26, 2001.


CFH: The Demos Intro

1) Hellbound
2) 5 Minutes Alone
3) Goddamn Electric
4) War Nerve
5) Mouth For War
6) Becoming/Throes Of Rejection
7) Revolution Is My Name
8) Fucking Hostile (with Kerry King)
9) This Love
10) Cowboys From Hell


11) Walk (with Evan Seinfeld)     
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1 comment:

Michael MacIvor said...

awesome. I was at this show. My former band Candiria also played this festival so of course we had to check out the mighty Pantera's set. They were so awesome that night. Who knew it would be the last time I got to see them.