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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: SEPULTURA's Concert At Castle Donington In 1994!

It is time for another "Throwback Thursday" video! This one features SEPULTURA's legendary performance at Castle Donington in England and took place
on June 4, 1996.

The band performed:

1) Refuse/Resist
2) Territory
3) Troops of Doom
4) Slave New World
5) Propaganda
6) Mass Hypnosis
7) Inner Self
8) Manifest
9) Nomad
10) Kaiowas
11) Biotech Is Godzilla
12) Dead Embryonic Cells
13) Arise
14) Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)
15) Policia (Titãs cover)

- Max Cavalera: Vocals and Guitars
- Andreas Kisser: Lead Guitars
- Igor Cavalera: Drums
- Paulo Jr.: Bass

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