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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drummer Pete Sandoval Returns To The Drum Kit!

Death Metal drummer extraordinaire, Pete Sandoval, recently announced that he is ready to play drums once again. Sandoval had to undergo surgery after suffering from a disc prolapse in 2010. Not being able to play painlessly for an extended period for up to a year, he was replaced by Tim Yeung for the recording and touring of Morbid Angel's 2011 album "Illud Divinum Insanus".

Sandoval commented, "I am back behind the drum kit! Lots of surprises for 2012, starting with the release of the new TERRORIZER album. Thanks so much, my friends!"

The big question is whither Sandoval will return to Death Metal masters Morbid Angel, who replaced Sandoval with Tim Yeung from Divine Heresy and World Under Blood. When asked if Yeung was a temporary replacement for Sandoval, Morbid Angel's bassist/vocalist David Vincent said: "Permanent is an interesting word. When we got Tim to do [the latest Morbid Angel album, 'Illud Divinum Insanus'] — everybody knows what the story is on that — it was to do the record and to do the subsequent touring for the record. So that's what I'm prepared to discuss this evening. Tim is a very capable drummer, a very talented fellow. He's a good friend, and I feel very pleased that his schedule worked out, as such, that he could do this, 'cause we're having a good time."

Whither Sandoval will return to the drum throne of Morbid Angel remains to be seen. For now his main focus is TERRORIZER, who is schedule to release their NEW album entitled "Hordes Of Zombies", on February 28, 2012 (in North America) via Season Of Mist.


- Wolf (a.k.a. Anthony Rezhawk) - Vocals
- Katina Culture - Guitar
- David Vincent - Bass
- Commando (a.k.a. Pete Sandoval) - Drums

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