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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swedish Metal Machines MESHUGGAH Reign Supreme In New York City - Picture Gallery Available!

On Tuesday, March 27, MESHUGGAH’s unleashed their NEW album 'KOLOSS' via Nuclear Blast Records. The North American deluxe digi-pak version includes a bonus DVD. In celebration of their latest sonic assault, the kings of Swedish Metal recruited DECAPITATED and BARONESS for "The Orphidian Trek". On Wednesday, May 23, MESHUGGAH ended the first leg of their North American tour on a very high note at Terminal 5 in New York City.

For almost two hours, MESHUGGAH stood strong in front of thousands of headbangers who were there to experience a vulgar display of Swedish Metal! While the fans of any band out there always want to see the old classic songs, the band made it clear that they are supporting their NEW musical selections and not their archive of destructive anthems.

To say that MESHUGGAH is an extremely tight and professional band is an understatement. The Swedish Metal masters are back and wont be stopping anytime soon! If anything the extended breaks they take from the road time and time again, helps them to keep the fun of playing together as a band intact!

Set list:

Obsidian (intro)
1) Demiurge
2) Pravus
3) Combustion
4) Glints Collide
5) Lethargica
6) Do Not Look Down
7) The Hurt That Finds You First
8) In Death - Is Life
9) In Death - Is Death
10) Bleed
11) New Millenium Cyanide Christ
12) I Am Colossus
13) Rational Gaze

14) Future Breed Machine
15) Dancers To A Discordant System

Here are some badass images that our friends over at NextMosh.com captured during MESHUGGAH's set:

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