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Thursday, May 31, 2012

FREE Music From RELAPSE RECORDS: Entire Music Catalog Streaming Right Now!

As we all know, the recording industry is at an all time low mainly because of illegal downloading. In an attempt to "persuade" fans to purchase music from their catalog, record labels have been using the "try before you buy" model for quiet some time.

Following the announcement that Roadrunner Records is closing the majority of their offices, one can't help to wonder which labels are going to follow this unfortunate reality of the recording industry.

In an attempt to get music fans to invest some of their hard earned money into their music catalog, Relapse Records has put their entire discography for streaming and sale on Bandcamp.com. There are two pages, the current roster page and the alumni page! Trust us, you do not want to pass on this killer opportunity. Crank it up to 11 and raise em' HORNS!

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