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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brazilian Thrashers MACHINAGE To Perform This Weekend In Coney Island, NY Right Near The Beach; A Slew Of NY Metal Bands To Join Them!

Today more than ever before, it is essential for promoters, artists and fans to keep the pulse of Heavy Music (the underground scene) alive and kicking! Ever since the inception of Horns Up Rocks, we have been actively involved in strengthening the underground Heavy Music scene. While many understand the importance of supporting the local artists and venues, there are still too many who are forgetting how essential it is to keep underground music breathing!

In an unprecedented move in the tri-state area music scene, we are bringing you 3 underground MeTal shows in 3 borough's (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) on 1 weekend with over 15 bands! Here is what we have cooked to perfection for your ear buds to indulge in!

This Saturday, June 16th, we are teaming up with Tattoo Shot Lounge (home of Coney Island Ink) and bringing you one of Brazil's finest musical exports to one of America's finest playgrounds. We are talking about Thrash Metallers MACHINAGE. Three words can clearly define the band was founded in 2007, in Jundiaí-SP, Brazil by Fábio Delibo (vocals & guitars) and Fernando Kump (guitar).

The band’s proposal has always been to believe in its identity, getting away from any label and writing songs in which mix the Thrash Metal from the 80s together with nowadays technique, besides an aggressive and odd vocal melody.

Machinage has shared the stage with important bands of the world scenario like Overkill, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault Dismember, Tim Ripper Owens, André Matos, Angra, Almah, Torture Squad, and Korzus confirming to be one of the greatest promises.

Joining them on Saturday will be:

IKILLYA is the ferocity that follows the moment of clarity created by the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The human strength of will has been shown to be capable of achieving the impossible, and never is it more focused than when we are pushed to our absolute limit. Creating music has been our primary goal as long as we’ve had the cogitative ability to have a primary goal and all too often it is in direct opposition to the realities of everyday life.

WRENCH was originally formed in the early 90's, founding members John Musto (Guitar)and Case (Bass) searched for a NEW sound in Heavy Music. John put down his guitar and picked up a bass and attempted to create the heaviest sound imaginable and he succeeded. The two-bass player Wrench was formed. Shortly after the writing process began, John and Case recruited drummer Mike Palmeri, who had just parted ways with LIFE OF AGONY after signing with them to Roadrunner Records. The trio went through a couple of singers until the band's breakup in early '95. Along the way, energetic and powerful live shows with TYPE O NEGATIVE, GWAR, OVERKILL, BIOHAZARD, VISION OF DISORDER, and countless others, made Wrench a band no one would ever forget.The band recently recorded the band's first demo in 15 years with Joey Z. at his Method of Groove Studio in Brooklyn. 

GAS is too disturbing to watch... too compelling to turn away. They Have An Incredible lineup and a Killer Sound. Blaze Valentine Is On Drums, GuGi Is On Lead Guitar & Choco ONE Don Loco Of Needles From The Creek & Tribal Red, Is On Bass. GAS is an acronym. It stands for Getting All Stupid. GAS was formed when the late 80's band Excretions declined to play live shows despite over 19 full length albums so infectious frontman Jonny Kook decided to take his madness to the next level. The Original GAS, Jon Kook, Mike Anderson, Bones, & Anthony "Pez" did A 37 State Tour In 2 Months. Jon Kook Was introduced by the legendary shock jock, the king of all media Howard Stern, at Jones Beach Theatre as the MC for the Ivy Supersonic Fashion Show which was part of the Dysfunctional Family Picnic Event where Green Day headlined. GAS was hand picked to play The Black Sabbath/ Motorhead After Show Party as the musicians favorite and provided the entertainment for the party.

ADDICTED TO PAIN pays tribute to ‘80s era first-wave of Thrash Metal. Albany, New York’s Addicted to Pain appeals to a wide variety of Heavy Metal connoisseurs. Comprised of Leo Curley (vocals & guitar), Bob Horvath (bass), and Gregory Nash (drums), the group released their first-ever self-titled EP in 2010. Working with acclaimed producer Alex Perialas (who has worked on landmark Thrash Metal releases by Anthrax, S.O.D., and Testament, among others), the EP is sure to catch the attention of any Metalhead.

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- JULIUS SEIZURE is a force to be reckoned with in the tri state area Heavy Music scene and beyond! After releasing their debut EP on May 15th, 2012, the band is bringing their "Gladia-tour" this Saturday to Coney Island. Be there!

DEATHALIZER start right were Metallica and Pantera left off, mixing the best elements of Groove and Thrash Metal into an elegant and melodic Speed Metal experience. Like their predecessors, this band is meant to be experienced live and pride themselves on putting an all out show. “We see a lot of bands that are too worried about their hardcore image” says frontman Enmanuel Vanderlinder. “That’s fine by us, but we prefer to let the music do the talking. We want you to feel the guitars in your face, the drums in your guts and the bass in your nuts. We are confident that we will succeed at that.”

Spread the word and we hope to see YOU this Saturday at Tattoo Shot Lounge in Coney Island, New York! \m/ RSVP here!

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