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Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet The Bands That Will Be Performing This Week At "The Underground MeTal Friday's Series"!

Today more than ever before, it is essential for promoters, artists and fans to keep the pulse of Heavy Music (the underground scene) alive and kicking! Ever since the inception of Horns Up Rocks, we have been actively involved in strengthening the underground Heavy Music scene. While many understand the importance of supporting the local artists and venues, there are still too many who are forgetting how essential it is to keep underground music breathing!

In an unprecedented move in the tri-state area music scene, we are bringing you 3 underground MeTal shows in 3 borough's (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) on 1 weekend with over 15 bands! Here is what we have cooked to perfection for your ear buds to indulge in!

The "Underground MeTal Friday's" (Presented by Horns Up Rocks), returns this Friday June 15th to Fontanas Bar in New York City! This time around we don't only have 5 excellent bands, but we will also be celebrating a bunch of birthday's! There is no reason why you should miss this EPIC event, so we hope to see you there.

Meet the bands that will be performing:


DESOLATE has created a brutal collection of songs over the years and is unleashing them through their current lineup of permanent members: Abe Rivera (vocals), Jeff Martinez (guitars) Jessica Pimentel (bass) and a cast of Desolate "All-Stars" that include Nick Serr and Earl Maneein from RESOLUTION 15, Roach McPoach from SLAM ONE DOWN, Angel Cotte from ALEKHINE'S GUN and John Tyler (DEMILITIA). DESOLATE has since gone on to refine their musical styling while maintaining their original identity. Come see them live and bring your cowbell!


LIES BENEATH is a five-piece Metal band with influences ranging from Thrash, to Death Metal and Hardcore. With classic dual-guitar attack, a crushing rhythm section, dynamic vocals and brooding soundscapes, this band creates an undeniable presence and demands captivation from any audience. Their 2011 Full-Length Release 'Death Of The American Dream' is available now on Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby & more. Lies Beneath is reason enough to come to this show!


SLAM ONE DOWN originated back in 2005 when J.R. started coming up with the riffs and song ideas that are on their demo today. The riffs followed J.R. through three different bands and it was not until he met singer Bobby Brazen that solidified the style that you hear today. Bobby and J.R. decided to start a NEW Heavy Metal project based on a musical vision that incorporated every style of Metal influenced by all the great bands that preceded them. Come party with the hardest drinking band of all the tri state area!


If you are not having fun, the crowd isn’t having fun—this sums up the philosophy of Beyond Dishonor. Comprised of five members with very disparate influences, styles and quirks, this stalwart of the resurgent New Jersey Metal scene combines all of those myriad differences between them and, somehow, creates music that is brutal and aggressive enough for the most Hardcore of fans and yet groovy enough to be accessible to those on the fringe. Get to the show early to check this phenomenal band out!


New Jersey act Julius Seizure is a force to be reckoned with in the tri state area Heavy Music scene and beyond! After releasing their debut EP on May 15th, 2012, the band is ready to kick off their "Gladia-tour" this Friday at 8 PM sharp! Be there!

Spread the word and we hope to see YOU this Friday at Fontanas Bar in New York City! \m/

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