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Friday, July 27, 2012

TOOL: NEW Album Progress!

Late last year, a rumor surfaced regarding the recording of the bands fifth studio album, which will be the follow up to '10,000 Days' (2006). But nothing has happened yet!

During a recent interview with the "Children Of Saturn" radio show (The Pulse Of Radio), Danny Carey (TOOL drummer) offered a brief update on what is to be the band's fifth studio album. Carey explained, "The TOOL thing is happening. Me, Adam [Jones, guitar] and Justin [Chancellor, bass] are banging away. Trying to get enough [material] to get Maynard [James Keenan, vocals] in there, but there is no wine before it's time."

Keenan, who has been busy with side projects A PERFECT CIRCLE and PUSCIFER — not to mention his vineyards — explained in an interview last year how TOOL's writing process worked, saying, "They write forever and then we go in and knock it out. We're writing. We're writing vocals, but nothing's solid."

At press time, TOOL has not begun any recording for the project, which will follow up 2006's '10,000 Days'.

Tool's Discography:

- Undertow (1993)
- Ænima (1996)
- Lateralus (2001)
- 10,000 Days (2006)

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