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Thursday, July 26, 2012

BLOOD FOR BLOOD Fire singer following alleged Rape scandal; Band might have to call it a day!

This past June, Boston's BLOOD FOR BLOOD was forced to cancel a couple of shows that were scheduled to take place in their hometown and in New York City due to a situation involving [vocalist] 'Buddha' (Erick Medina). But why were the "Wasted Nights" shows cancelled?

According to a source close to the band, an "accusation of rape was made against 'Buddha' about a month ago, but at this time I have no details regarding this except for he was arrested and booked for rape. I tried texting him on Monday but haven't heard back from him."

Allegedly, the incident happened at a BBQ during Memorial Day weekend where 'Buddha" got drunk (which he is famous for) and jokingly pinned a 13 year old girl against a wall and then forcefully kissing her as she struggled. This incident is being investigated by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family.

Today, the band has announced that 'Buddha' is no longer in the band and that their future (including the completion of their seventh album, the band's first since 2004's 'Serenity') is very uncertain:

"Make no mistake, the nature of the alleged activity, true or false, is an affront to EVERYTHING this band is about. Some of the members of this band have been mistreated and abused as a children, personally. We would never, COULD never ignore, condone, or even associate with such behavior. At this time we are too emotionally drained to make plans for the band's future, but due to the nature of these allegations, we feel it is impossible to continue with anyone linked to such allegations, thus, whatever the future holds for Blood For Blood, it will not include Erick. Lastly, We are unable to make concrete plans for the band's future."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is such a sad day when the patiently awaiting haters, use allegations made by mentally unstable Tweens to perpetuate their own agenda! The aptly named blood for blood, are only looking out for themselves and containing their own individual indiscretions/dirty laundry by ousting medina, FyI to the FBI some friends don't stand united