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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WANTED: Thief Who Robbed Valuable Items At Irving Plaza In New York City - Images Available!

This past Saturday, our good friends from Wendigo Productions LLC celebrated the 50th birthday of their founder Wendy at Irving Plaza in New York City. The event featured live performances from KILLCODE, STIGMA, SEX SLAVES, BETA PLUS EMBRYO, and many more.

Towards the end of the night while the SEX SLAVES were closing the show, the individual pictured below stole a bunch of camera gear. Here is a statement from the Wendigo team:

"He hung out all night in the VIP dressing room, making small talk with various people. He was casing. At some point during Reformed Whores/Sex Slaves set, he nabbed 2 purses (including cell phones, etc.) and $1000 video camera and various other items.

"He also used credit cards belonging to the Reformed Whores at the nearby CVS, Walgreens and McDonalds. We are waiting to hopefully get that cam footage too."

If you know who this scumbag is, call the NYPD's 13th Precinct (212) 477-7444 (Detective Rodriguez) or Wendigo (212) 300-4418 with tips and info!

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