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Monday, August 20, 2012

ANTHRAX's Scott Ian Talks About The Cancellation Of The "Mayhem Cruise"

Recently, Jason Simms from The Oregonian got a chance to interview Scott Ian for an upcoming feature on ANTHRAX. While Jason had Scott on the phone, he asked him about the cancellation of the "Mayhem Cruise". Here is what Scott had to say about this:

"I saw the press release (read it HERE), and we were as surprised as everybody else. We were literally out on the [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem [Festival] tour when we heard that the cruise was canceled.

"It's a bummer. We were all really looking forward to it.

"It's funny because us MACHINE HEAD, LAMB OF GOD, we're all good friends, we've all known each other forever. None of us had ever been on a cruise before. We were all in Europe this summer playing festivals together and we were like, 'What do you think of this cruise thing? What's your take on it?' Everyone was kind of like, 'Alright, it's a little weird, we're going to be stuck on this boat for four days,' but everyone was excited that we were going to get to hang out and all get really shitty and have a lot of fun. I know all of us were bummed and I heard from the MACHINE HEAD guys that they were bummed.

"Yeah, I don't know why [it was canceled]. I can speculate and think that maybe in this economy, it's kind of tough to sell a ticket for that much money. You get all these bands and it's three days on a boat, if you break it down to what it's costing you per day, it doesn't seem like a lot of money. But I understand where we're at in this world in 2012. People just don't have that kind of money to shell out. I can only assume it comes down to that."

As previously reported, ANTHRAX is the first Heavy Metal band ever to have their music cranked in Mars. Read more about this HERE!

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