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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Guitarist Marc Rizzo Releases NEW Single & It Crushes!

New Jersey native Marc Rizzo became Max Cavalera's musical ally in October of 2003 when he joined SOULFLY to record 'Prophecy'. Ever since then Max and Marc have developed a signature sound that is recognized by thousands of fans worldwide. Marc is also the co-founder of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, the band that reunited Brazilian Heavy Music brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera. What really made the difference between Rizzo and former SOULFLY guitarists is that he not only has phenomenal guitar skills, but he works very hard on making sure that his guitar sound blends in perfectly with Max's ever-changing vision.

Today, Rizzo has released a NEW single called "Downside Up", via iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers. The song is the first single off Rizzo's fourth solo album, which was recently recorded with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL THAT REMAINS, SHADOWS FALL, SOULFLY). Click HERE to legally download "Downside Up"

Here is Marc Rizzo's impressive discography:

- Committee of Thirteen:
\m/ Self Titled (2004) (Phlamencore Records)

- Ill Niño:
\m/ Ill Niño EP (2000) (C.I.A. Records)
\m/ Revolution Revolución (2001) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Confession (2003) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ The Best of Ill Niño (2006) (Roadrunner Records)

- Soulfly
\m/ Prophecy (2004) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Dark Ages (2005) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Conquer (2008) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Omen (2010) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Enslaved (2012) (Roadrunner Records)

- Solo
\m/ Colossal Myopia (2006) (Shrapnel Records)
\m/ The Ultimate Devotion (2007) (Shrapnel Records)
\m/ Legionnaire (2010) (Phlamencore Records)

- Cavalera Conspiracy
\m/ Inflikted (2008) (Roadrunner Records)
\m/ Blunt Force Trauma (2011) (Roadrunner Records)

- Instructional DVDs with Rock House
\m/ Metal Guitar- Mondern, Speed & Shred, level 1 & 2

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