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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tomorrow In New York City: "The Underground MeTal Friday's Series" With DRIVEN MAD, FIREHAZE, SHITKILL, GIVETHEMROPE & M16!

Today more than ever before, it is essential for promoters, artists and fans to keep the pulse of Heavy Music (the underground scene) alive and kicking! Ever since the inception of Horns Up Rocks, we have been actively involved in strengthening the underground Heavy Music scene. While many understand the importance of supporting the local artists and venues, there are still too many who are forgetting how essential it is to keep underground music breathing!

The "Underground MeTal Friday's" (Presented by Horns Up Rocks), returns tomorrow Friday (September 21st) to Fontanas Bar in New York City! This time around we don't only have 5 excellent bands, but we will also be celebrating the debut show of DRIVEN MAD (a band formed by previous members of KING HELL)! There is no reason why you should miss this EPIC event, so we hope to see you there.

Meet the bands that will be performing:


"Driven mad" sums up this NEW band's ethos well: the songs are surely driven; they're mad; and the intent is to push listeners past the brink of sanity--after a stopover in the emergency room. Founded by 3 former members of NYC's prominent Metal act King Hell --Samael (vocals), Motherfucker (guitar), and Dundon (drums)-- DRIVEN MAD’s sound ranges from Hard Core Thrash to crushing slabs of Sabbath. While the funk leanings and circus style stage show of King Hell are gone, a focus on evolved rhythms and a murderous live show remain. Says Samael: "Towards the end of King Hell, we were writing heavier and heavier songs. It was nothing cynical. Even though King Hell was theatrical, we always followed our hearts writing music--and, as it happened, our hearts were turning black."


FIREHAZE is a band integrated by four young Cubans that migrated to the city of West New York, New Jersey in the USA. They all shared a common dream, to become members of a Metal band, something that united their different tendencies of the genre. The sound of the band seems to be Melodic Death/Trash Metal with some Core influences, topped with the sound and, at times, ironic power of the keyboard.


GIVETHEMROPE released their debut CD on June 16, 2012. The band chose Method of Groove Studio in Brooklyn NY (owned and engineered by Sony/Roadrunner recording artist Joey Z from Life of Agony) and the results are imminent. If you like down tuned Groove Metal blended with Hardcore and Blues, this band is for you!


SHITKILL is a young NYC Metal band (ages 16,17) who have already done some good damage on the local Metal scene. After releasing their 'Asylum EP' in Fall 2010 (produced by Tomato of Sound Of Urchin, etc), they went on to play shows at such venues as The Highline Ballroom, Knitting Factory, and opened for Iron Maiden legend Paul Dianno at BB King's. SHITKILL's fresh take, reminiscent of classic bands like Sepultura, Slayer, and Pantera.

Latest tracks by ShitKill

- M16:

Scathing, pulsing, louder than hell, M-16's music is at times bombastic yet poetic in nature. Unapologetic lyrics sung in Spanish, scream tales of mortal disillusion, political terror, and the chaos of modern times. A band that believes in substance over style, M-16 is all the angst and frustration of real people channeled through guitars, drums and bass.

Spread the word and we hope to see YOU this Friday at Fontanas Bar in New York City! \m/

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