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Friday, March 2, 2012

LISTEN To DEATH's Live Album 'Vivus' IMMEDIATELY - Entire Album Stream Available!

The music of the legendary Heavy Metal band Death, has been revitalized thanks to the great people at Relapse Records. Entitled "Vivus", the two-CD collection features two Death concerts that were recorded in 1998. Disc 1 was recorded at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California, and disc 2 was recorded at the festival stage at Dynamo Open Air in Eindhoven, Holland.

"Vivus!" is available right now in North America, and March 5 in the rest of Europe.

Click here to listen to DEATH's live album 'Vivus'!

"Vivus!" track listing:

Disc 1 - Live In Hollywood (1998)

01. The Philosopher
02. Spirit Crusher
03. Trapped In A Corner
04. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
05. Crystal Mountain
06. Flesh And The Power It Holds
07. Zero Tolerance
08. Zombie Ritual
09. Suicide Machine
10. Together As One
11. Empty Words
12. Symbolic
13. Pull The Plug

Disc 2 - Live In Eindhoven (1998)

01. The Philosopher
02. Trapped In A Corner
03. Crystal Mountain
04. Suicide Machine
05. Together As One
06. Zero Tolerance
07. Lack Of Comprehension
08. Flesh And The Power It Holds
09. Flattening Of Emotions
10. Spirit Crusher
11. Pull The Plug

Death's Final line-up:

- Chuck Schuldiner: Lead vocals, guitar (1983–2001), bass (1987-1988)
- Shannon Hamm: Guitar (1996–2001)
- Scott Clendenin: Bass (1996–2001)
- Richard Christy: Drums (1997–2001)

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