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Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Years Of PANTERA's 'Vulgar Display Of Power' Are Celebrated At The Key Club In Los Angeles, CA - Entire Performance Available!

This year PANTERA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark album, 'Vulgar Display of Power'! This past Wednesday, April 11, PANTERA presented the world their first music video in 12 years, for the previously unreleased song, “Piss,” from the Vulgar recording sessions. The video was unleashed at the 4th edition of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards!

Last night, PANTERA's vocalist and arguable the best front man in Heavy Music history, joined the "Metal Masters" in celebration of the anniversary of 'Vulgar Display of Power'! Philip Anselmo joined MEGADETH' Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick, SLAYER's Kerry King and Dave Lombardo, ANTHRAX's Charlie Benante and Frank Bello, and Mike Portnoy, and performed a slew of PANTERA songs from the "vulgar" days. Anselmo also sang SLAYER classic's "Reign In Blood" and "Angel Of death"!

Additionally, BLACK SABBATH's own Geezer Butler joined Anselmo and the "Metal Masters" to perform "Hole In The Sky"!

 You can watch this historic event below.

Philip Anselmo performed the following songs with the "Metal Masters":

- SLAYER's "Reign In Blood" & "Angel Of Death"
- PANTERA's: "Mouth For War", "A New Level", "Walk", "This Love" & "Fucking Hostile"
- BLACK SABBATH's "Hole In The Sky" with Geezer Butler

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