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Monday, April 23, 2012

OFFICIAL Anniversary Party Of PANTERA's 'Vulgar Display Of Power' To Take Place In New York City!

PANTERA heads, are you all ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PANTERA's iconic album 'Vulgar Display Of Power'? In celebration of this epic anniversary, the band will be re-releasing their sixth studio album on May 15 via Rhino Entertainment. In celebration of the deluxe edition CD and DVD set of 'Vulgar Display Of Power', our friends from the "Heavy Metal Mecca", DUFF's Brooklyn, are planning the mother of all parties! Stay tuned for more details about the OFFICIAL 'Vulgar Display Of Power' party!

As previously reported, PANTERA released a music video for a lost track from the 'Vulgar' days at the Revolver Golden Awards a few weeks ago. Here is the video:

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