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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Music Industry Takes A Punch To The Stomach; Roadrunner Records Closes International Offices!

Wow! Here is some evidence that the music business is broken, and might never be put back together again like Humpty Dumpty! In 2010, ROADRUNNER RECORDS got bought out by the Warner Music Group and as we all know this always means that the employees are the ones that will take the punch to the stomach via either salary reductions or by simply put: being "fired". While there had already been someone layoffs at ROADRUNNER RECORDS, today the hammer went down hard on their UK and Canadian employees.

According to various sources, ROADRUNNER RECORDS is closing their UK and Canadian offices. Apparently, their German office will face the same destiny. What about their U.S. team? Well, there are rumors that some staff members have been dismissed ever since WMG took over ROADRUNNER. The label has obviously been very quiet about this extreme situation! So far the only "statement" regarding this matter was this Twit by @ROADRUNNER_UK:

"What a day..."
Here is what TRIVIUM's front man Matt Heafy Twitted regarding this sad truth:

“I wish I knew who or what to blame specifically, and chew off it’s heads – but Roadrunner records just fired some of their best employees,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s corporate greed or it’s due to the fact that no one puts value in physical art and that piracy created a domino effect, but our friends who are being tossed away so quickly by the label are now out of jobs. These people helped bands get where they are today. Wanna defend piracy? Do what you do for me and 10,000 others for free. Whatever your trade is – give me that for free or you’re a jerk. The real issue aside from whatever caused it is that in an industry NEEDING loyal people – higher-ups in their cushy desks wrote them off. Regardless of your stance, we all work for a living. I do what I do to pay RENT. If I wanted millions, I’d be in pop music. And the real fact of the matter is that I am pissed off at my GREEDY record label for canning my friends who helped build our band. My heart goes out to my friends who have been delivered this awful news today. You helped us get where we are. You’re in our thoughts. Truth is: I love Roadrunner. I'm upset with what happened to the people I care about. Roadrunner helped build the Metal that I love. And to address the other topic from my heat of battle. Technology is required in life. Technology in music reaches far beyond the physical.. In most places of the world, it's all bootlegged – there isn't officially a music market – people need to download music, or not even get it. The times are changing. Yes. Completely true. But the main thing is that we need to treat people like we want to be treated… Of course I'll be emotional when it has to do with people I love and care and respect for helping me. If I blew up on the wrong parties… Then I apologize. But. The main point is that people need to remember, Internet aside-we are dealing with human beings. I feel for my friends. It wasn't ROADRUNNER canning people. It's the "company" who "owns" it. Long live ROADRUNNER (the memory of something that once was great).”

To this Dez Fafara (DevilDriver/COAL CHAMBER) added:

"For you RR closing offices may be about your favorite BAND but in reality it's about the PEOPLE WHO MADE YOU AWARE OF YOUR FAVORITE BAND that worked at RR! From the Girl answering the phone to the ART department to the A&R who FOUND your favorite band in some small club and WORKED to sign them! To the PRESS persons who work day and night to get your favorite BAND in Mags on websites etc so they became visible and had a Shot at making their dreams come true! So while you want to worry and it's alright to do so for YOUR FAVORITE RR BAND/you should stop and take a moment to think about all the jobs lost, families out of work and band that will be getting dropped. You should TAKE THE TIME TO THANK IN WRITING ALL THE HARD WORKING PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES THAT BELIEVED IN YOUR FAVORITE BAND BEFORE YOU EVEN HEARD THEIR NAMES …."

While METAL BLADE RECORDS' CEO Brian Slagel stated:

"Sad to see the closing of our friends at Roadrunner in Europe and the UK. What happened today to Roadrunner is one of the biggest reasons I never sold to a major. When we started 30 years ago we worked with Roadrunner. They distributed our stuff in Europe and we did their stuff in the USA. Sad day. We always had a great relationship with everyone at Roadrunner from Cees Wessels on down. Great label, sorry to see so many out of work. The music business changes all the time. Please support the bands and labels you like. Thanks!"

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