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Friday, May 4, 2012

GWAR Is Planning A Summer Of Naughty Fun - Details Available!

Fresh off the latest six-week orgy of blood, booze, and missing children that was the second half of GWAR's "Return of the World Maggot/Farewell, Flattus Maximus" North American tour, the members of rock and roll's hardest working band have returned to the vastness of their Antarctica fortress to begin work on "a shitload of projects, all destined to rule...", said lead-singer Oderus Urungus. It all adds up to a summer of debauched excess for GWAR fans.

The band capped off the latest tour in grand fashion as they stuck to the four-piece line-up that was thrust upon our plucky barbarian overlords after the tragic exodus of guitarist FLATTUS MAXIMUS' from this mudball planet to the eternity of the cosmos, which occurred in November of last year as the band was just getting rolling on their huge two-part tour of North America. The band elected to stick it out not just for the remainder of the fall tour, but retain the line-up with Balsac, the Jaws of Death, as sole guitar player. Every night the band would end the set with a special tribute to Cory Smoot, a musician whose talent was so immense that no one could ever fill his giant rubber feet, thus compelling GWAR to officially retire the character of Flattus Maximus. Faced with the daunting task of finding a new Scumdog who can match the standard of excellence the band demands, GWAR has activated certain contingency plans, and the process that will hopefully lead to a new and hellish alignment with some kind of hideous creature, one capable of slaying thousands with JUST ONE NOTE. Needless to say, auditions are not "open". GWAR is also writing material for their new album, which could be out as early as several thousand years from now. Look for updates at Oderus' twitter feed, @therealoderus...NOW!

Despite being in an intense studio phase, GWAR will appear for some very special events of supreme carnage this spring and summer. First up, GWAR will be playing at the "New York Zombie Prom", a special event put on by Abracadabra NYC , Zombies Can't Love and Zombies Worldwide for the undead of New York City, to be held at Irving Plaza on Saturday June 9th. Then GWAR travels to Montreal on June 16th to take part in the D-Tox Rock Fest, along with other heavyweights As I Lay Dying, Bad Religion and Voivod to name a few. But undoubtedly the social event for bohabs world-wide will be the third annual GWAR-B-Q, to be held in Richmond, Va., Aug. 18th, 2012.

"We are not announcing any details regarding the GWAR-B-Q until we are 110% sure they are firmly grounded in reality", said Slave Pit spokesman Dave Brockie, "but the GWAR-B-Q is definitely ON, it's gonna be on Saturday, August 18th, and GWAR will headline. It's going to be everything we hoped it would be last year and much, MUCH more. We have amazing support acts and an incredible venue that we will be announcing very soon...it's going to be the greatest GWAR-B-Q ever!"

So get ready for more music, murder, and MAYHEM from our Lords and Masters, the mighty GWAR!!!!


- 6/9: New York, NY @ Irving Plaza (Zombie Prom)
- 6/15: Providence, RI @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
- 6/16: Montebello, QC @ Montebello Marina (D-TOX Rockfest)
- 6/17: London, ON @ London Concert Theater

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