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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MUNICIPAL WASTE Premiere Video For 'Repossession' - Get Your Eyes Possessed Now!

Municipal Waste surfaced into the Heavy Music spectrum in 2001. Ever since then, Richmond, Virginia has been more dangerous than ever before. While the Thrash Metallers are known for their stage antics, its really their furious music and attitude that sets them apart from other bands. With four studio albums under their belts and thousands of live performances, Municipal Waste is set to release their NEW studio album 'The Fatal Feast' on April 10th in North America and April 13th in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. The cover artwork for the CD was created by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design!

Richmond, Virginia thrash masters Municipal Waste have work to do. In this exclusive video for "Repossession", director David Brodsky catches the band as they live up to their declaration "We got the goods...and soon we'll have all yours!" Neither couch potato, pizza delivery man, nor bicyclist is safe from Waste Repo. Here is the video of MUNICIPAL WASTE's "Repossession":

'The Fatal Feast' track listing:

01. Waste In Space
02. Repossession
03. New Dead Masters
04. Unholy Abductor
05. Idiot Check
06. Covered In Sick/The Barfer
07. You're Cut Off
08. Authority Complex
09. Standards And Practices
10. Crushing Chest Wound
11. The Monster With 21 Faces
12. Jesus Freaks
13. The Fatal Feast
14. 12 Step Program
15. Death Tax
16. Residential Disaster

Both the digipack and vinyl editions will include the bonus track "Eviction Party".

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