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Friday, August 10, 2012

CINDERELLA Cancels Concert Due To The Size Of The Stage! #WTF

When a big band is forced to perform on a small stage, 9 out 10 bands will bitch, moan, and even cancel their performance. Whither it is an egotistical move or a security measure, the fans are the ones that end up losing!

According to 9News.com, CINDERELLA pulled the plug on last nights concert at Grizzly Rock in Lakewood, Colorado because the stage was "too small."

The following statement was posted on the Grizzly Rock Facebook page:

"CINDERELLA told us they didn't fit on the stage (even though the show had been advanced for weeks). They said they would come back at a later date, but who knows. Refunds will be available at the Grizzly Rock, or if you bought on Ticketweb, they are available through them."

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