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Saturday, August 11, 2012

KILL DEVIL HILL Forced To Postpone European Tour - Statement Available!

KILL DEVIL HILL the NEW project featuring acclaimed drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Dio) and bassist Rex Brown, (Pantera, Down) guitar slinger Mark Zavon and lead vocalist Dewey Bragg have been forced to postpone their upcoming European Tour. Here is the bands statement regarding this matter:

"Hey Guys, due to some circumstances beyond our control, we unfortunately are going to have to postpone our upcoming European shows. We truly apologize to all the fans who were hoping to come out and see us. You're all very important to us and we hate having to disappoint you. We plan on getting back to Europe as soon as possible and we hope to see you then!"

The bands debut album is now available via SPV/Steamhammer. The album is available in a standard CD edition, iTunes digital download, and Double Gatefold LP.  

It's not easy to say what catches the listener's attention first on KILL DEVIL HILL, the debut album by the newly formed band of the same name: the strong guitar hooks, the killer grooves, the dynamic production or the potent vocal melodies. Rex Brown, bassist of this supergroup and erstwhile member of Pantera and Down sees KILL DEVIL HILL in its entirety as an extremely exciting NEW band "To me, this band is a musical adventure trip," he reckons. Brown knows what he's talking about, after all he was involved in some of the most important Rock ad Metal recordings of the past 30 years. So if Brown can hardly contain his enthusiasm, there must be something special to the KILL DEVIL HILL phenomenon. 

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