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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HENRY ROLLINS To Appear On The "Full Metal Jackie" Radio Show This Week - Details Available!

The very opinionated 51-year-old Henry Rollins, who counts singer/songwriter, radio DJ, actor, author and spoken-word artist among his achievements, will be appearing on the "Full Metal Jackie" radio show this week! You do not want to miss what Rollins will have to say, so tune in.

Rollins was recently asked why he thinks that so many Americans are so strongly opposed to gay marriage? Here is what he had to say:

"I put out my point of view in a pretty cogent, sober manner," Rollins told Adelaide Now of his quest to gather life experience for his spoken-word gigs. "I go far and wide into the world and get information from crazy, distant places and bring it back to report to you, the audience member, with as much clarity and hopefully vivid storytelling interest as I possibly can. . . I go very far and wide and make sure the information comes from a lot of sweat and choleric burn so I can justify taking two hours of your life every 18 months. By the time you hear me say something from the stage I have busted my arse coming up with every possible angle of that thought."

Make sure you listen to Full Metal Jackie HERE!

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