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Sunday, January 6, 2013

BEHEMOTH To Be Part Of The 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest?

Oh yes! According to BEHEMOTH's bassist Orion (Tomasz Wróblewski), the band will be part of the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival right before they release their upcoming NEW studio album.

Here is what he said about this, during a recent interview with the D.T. Metal of Metal Storm: 

"I am pretty sure I can talk about that; I don't think it is confirmed yet, but we are coming back to the States this summer to play on the Rockstar [Energy Drink] Mayhem Festival. This will be the very first thing we will do before the new record comes out. After that, we plan on doing some other festivals, but they are not confirmed yet either. We have done quite a few European festivals this year (2012) and I am not sure if it would be the best thing to do before the album comes out."

Read the entire interview from HERE.

Our good friend Metal Mark from Skull N' Bones,  recently spoke with "Nergal" while on board Barge To Hell — the world's most extreme Metal cruise — which sailed Monday, December 3, 2012 from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas and returned to the real world on Friday, December 7. Here is what "Nergal" had to say about the bands NEW record:

"We're in writing mode, and we're doing this [cruise] more or less as a vacation, js tto get us out of the writing [environment]. But even yesterday, before the show, I was fucking around with my guitar and jamming out and shit. I came up with… I really think this riff is gonna end up on the record; it's gonna make its way to the record. So I'm really thinking about my record. I'm dreaming my record, I'm eating my record, I'm shitting my record… I mean, everything just comes to the same thing: this artistic release that's gonna take place in the fall next year. That's the plan. We already made a rough plan. We should be entering the studio in late February. We're demoing stuff now. It's actually a rehearsal studio. So this is a thing we've never done before: we get into the studio, we set up the equipment, and we just play. And we record stuff. So it's very creative. It's new and it's different energy, too. I mean, we still use our rehearsal room, but it's good to change the environment. And then in January and February, we decided to move to Warsaw to work on the record. It should be very stimulating; this change of rooms and change of cities, it can be very stimulating. But we've got plenty of stuff written already; I'm guessing 30 or 40 minutes of music is done. But I keep on writing. I'm so hyped and I'm so into delivering new stuff. I have this thought: every time I come up with a new theme or a new song idea, I think it's actually better than the one before. So I hope that this process stops at a certain point and I'm, like, 'OK, over. This is it. We're working on this bunch of songs and that's it.' Because this way I can go on forever."

Stay tuned for more BEHEMOTH news!

Photo credit: Damien Mitchell

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