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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday: SLAYER's Memorable "Big Four" Concert At The Capital Of Swedish Metal!

Every single Thursday we will be bringing you a "Throwback Thursday" video featuring your favorite Heavy Music artists. Today, we are presenting to you a legendary live concert starring the almighty SLAYER!!!
On July 3, 2011, SLAYER paid a visit to Gothenburg (the capital of Swedish Metal) as part of the "Big Four" concert that also featured METALLICA, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX. For many bands, Sweden is one of the best markets to perform at thanks to the legions of fans who show up with the mission of destroying everything! Charged with eleven songs and plenty of thunder, SLAYER performed a poutpurri of songs from the bands legendary musical catalog.

Watch the video below to see how thousands of fans lost their minds to the evil sounds of SLAYER!

Live at the Big Four, Gothenburg, Sweden: July 3, 2011. SETLIST:

1) Disciple
2) War Ensemble
3) Postmortem
4) Hate Worldwide
5) Mandatory Suicide
6) Chemical Warfare
7) Snuff


8) South of Heaven
9) Raining Blood
10) Black Magic
11) Angel of Death


- Tom Araya (vocals, bass)
- Kerry King & Gary Holt (guitars)
- Dave Lombardo (drums)

As previously announced, SLAYER have two songs recorded for their next batch of NEW music. Kerry King recently announced that they have two more songs in the grill, that are missing vocals and leads. During a recent interview with Artisan News, King spoke about the NEW album and whither or not Jeff Hanneman's spider bite injury will delay the production of the record.

Photo credit: Zulie Alvarez
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