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Monday, January 7, 2013

"Underground Music Monday's": PUi Are Ready To Take Their Craft To A Whole NEW Level!

When PUi released an EP in January 2010 entitled 'You Will Clap' (available for purchase now on iTunes), legions of fans around the New York City metropolitan area and beyond were immediately hooked on the bands unique blend of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Mediterranean sounds. Once the word got out about their revolutionary EP, the band started lining up local and national gigs that were very well received by fans from all walks of life. And soon, the PUi Tribe was born.

The very well received EP was recorded at Underground Studios and was produced by band members NC Shuva and Brian Hosey. It was mixed by Kyle Kelso and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Just when the bands tribe thought they had heard it all and seen it all, the band filmed a guerilla style music video for "Army Of Slaves" right on top of a roof top at Herald Square in Manhattan, NY right under the APPLE billboard on the day that Steve Jobs passed away. Following their eye catching video shoot, the members of the band were arrested by the NYPD for trespassing. Watch the video HERE!

Now, the time has arrived for the band to release their NEW full-length album. Entitled 'Neo-Primal', we've had the chance to listen to a few cuts and we are very confident that the entire album will be a full blown sonic experience that moves the sould and not just a record you inactively listen to as background music. Here is what NC Shuva (the bands singer/guitarist/song writer/opinionated dude) had to say about the completion of 'Neo-Primal':

"The motherfucking wait is over. The debut PUi album is complete. We did what we did to the music scene with 4 recorded tracks. Watch in fucking disbelief what we are going to do now. All the artists study the fucking structure like its your fucking homework. Everything before this was exercise. We were degenerates on the streets. Now we have the biggest crowd in NYC. Now we have funding. The biggest event to have been out together by an unsigned artist in the US of good ol A. Yet we are the same fucking maniacs who get arrested for videos, for throwing parties. Do you fucking dig? Maniacs with resources. The tickets are on sale. Get your fucking pair www.puitribe.com/puiritualiv"

The bands debut full-length album will be unleashed to the masses at the PUi Ritual IV: a two day back to back concert experience. This unique event, which will feature PUi as the headlining band, will take place on Friday, March 1 and Saturday March 2, at the legendary Irving Plaza venue in New York City. Full details available HERE!

We will be there, and so should you!

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