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Monday, January 28, 2013

"Underground Music Monday's": FIREHAZE Are Cuba's Definition For Metal Music!

Nowadays Heavy Music needs a band that offers a lethal mix of hard hitting rhythmical grooves, crushing riffs, and a whole lotta soul within the lyrics. In our humble opinion, Cuba's FIREHAZE is one of the only upcoming bands in the world that is offering a very fresh mix of all the elements mentioned above. In times when music is becoming less and less memorable, and fans are switching between bands as often as they change their TV channels because of poor programming, the global Heavy Music scene needs a band that takes our music back to what it used to be like.

In mid 2009 they met Hector, another young Cuban who had recently moved from La Havana. He would become the newest member in charge of the drums. Because of the influences that Hector brought to the band, they immediately started discussing the path they thought the band should take.

The chemistry that was evident between the three the very first time that they jammed together, and due to the fact that they started working around a NEW idea they decided to change the name of the project... This is when FIREHAZE was born.

Through a D.I.Y. campaign, the band has managed to keep on board the Heavy Metal train and have managed to create some high quality songs. You can expect their NEW demo later this year, but for now here is the bands second music video. This video clip is for their song "Enemy":

The band has a few performances coming soon, here is where you can catch them live:

- FIREHAZE will be opening this Wednesday, January 30th for the European band Avatar. The event will take place at The Studio at Webster Hall in New York City.

- FIREHAZE will be performing at Jose Mangin's "Hard Attack Thursday's" this Thursday, January 31st. The event will take place at Dingbarz in Clifton, New Jersey.

- Last, but certainly not least, FIREHAZE will be part of Horns Up Rocks's THREEEEE year anniversary concert and fashion show on Wednesday, February 13th. This massive event will take place at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Here is the official event flyer:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for this review of the band! You got us unprepared man!!!
We are honored man. Thanks a lot.