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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New York Metallers LIES BENEATH Are Hiring!

Our good friends from LIES BENEATH are currently seeking for a NEW lead guitarist. From our personal experience, not only are the LIES BENEATH boys a really talented group of cool guys but they also take their band very seriously. They always deliver the goods while on stage, and are usually the first band to arrive at the shows that they are part of. With that said, only contact them if you are serious about your music.

“Lies Beneath is officially looking to hire a NEW lead guitarist. Since this past summer, we’ve been writing NEW material and have begun to focus our sights on our next full-length record. We feel that the NEW songs represent a shift in our consciousness, as well as the next step in our evolution as a band. The songs are heavier, grittier, and take a few more risks than the material on our last record. We’re looking not only for a versatile guitarist who will compliment our sound, but someone like-minded who will join us on the journey ahead. We’ll be holding auditions, most likely on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to have someone NEW join the ranks by this spring, in time for us to begin tracking the NEW material, which is already in pre-production.”

- Nick Serr (vocals)

Contact the band HERE! 

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