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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keith Caputo Sex Change? Life Of Agony over? Know the facts!

Apparently various media outlets out there want to misinform the public just so they can get attract eyeballs. While this is nothing new in the media world, here at Horns Up Rocks we believe in checking your sources before writing anything at all, since we believe in responsible journalism.

First of all, we have confirmation from many sources close to the band that Keith Caputo, singer from Life Of Agony, did NOT get a sex change. Yes he likes dressing like a women, and yes he likes putting make up on. But so did Dennis Rodman! And did he get a sex change? We think not! In case you don't know, transsexualism is an individual's identification with a gender inconsistent or not culturally associated with their biological sex. It has NOTHING to do with undergoing a sex change operation!

Here is a Twit by Keith Caputo that helped create this ridiculous rumor:

"M2F transexuals like mê are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!" (July 7 at 11:34 PM)

But then a few days later Caputo twitted this:

"Dying to make love to my lady. Haven't seen her in 2 months. Dying to hold her & be held. Never letting her go. Just a few more days. The Art Of Love!" (July 12 at 1:36 AM)

Second of all, when we interviewed Life Of Agony's guitarist Joey Zampella earlier this year (video interview below), he told us that they have been talking about writing some new songs but that they will do it when the time is right since all of the band members are busy with other projects. Again, it was a Twit by Caputo that caused the rumor that the band is calling it a day:

"Off to Europe tomorrow, 7pm. Most likely our last..." (July 12 at 11:49 AM)

Life Of Agony will be performing in Europe this weekend!

- 7/15: Kantine in Augsburg, DE
- 7/16: Dour Festival in Dour, BE
- 7/17: Zwarte Cross Festival in Lichtenvoorde, NL

Aren't rock-stars suppose to be outrageous, wild, and say things that cause controversy? In the wise words of Max Cavalera: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!

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Johnny "Demone" Caputo said...

It meant nothing to me that keith was dressing like that I thought and still think he and everyone has the right to express themselves however they want. That guy who wrote that about keith is probably the same scumbag who would believe that Marilyn Manson the secret love child of Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper. And HUR would have the best source for the Truth. Weather LOA make another album or not they still rock....NYHC for life... Proud to Share the Caputo Name with one of the greatest singers of our time..

sistanine said...

Well said my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here? Keith Mina refers to herself on her blog and on her Twitter in feminine pronouns and calls herself a "M2F transexual", as you yourself quote but you're reporting that that's not what she is -- because she loves her girlfriend?

Keith Mina is a male to female transsexual lesbian. She is far from the first and she will by no means be the last. And if that makes her happy, that's great.

Rock on, Keith Mina!

SUBXERO said...

Well first of all, I'm 38, male, straight, NYHC through and through. I was at the show @ Kantine in Augsburg, DE. Saw Keith outside the club hours before the gig, wearing partly female clothes and make up. It didn't bother me at all. Everyone of us is a bit crazy in his own way, isn't he?
Then he wore the same clothes while performing. I was in the moshpit and you can believe me the vibe was as strong as ever before. Noone got confused, annoyed, or something. The show was rather short but it ruled!
I don't know whom and what to believe as I don't believe what I read by default. But I generally respect each person's right to try to be happy as far as other don't suffer on that account. So whatever the truth may be I sincerely wish Keith to be happy in his life from now on. Anyway happier than so far.

20 yrs of LOA, NYHC 4 life!