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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Testament Reveal NEW Album Title & Announce Tour Plans!

The mighty Thrash Metal band Testament have been very busy working on their tenth studio album titled "The Dark Roots of Earth" (scheduled to be released October via Nuclear Blast Records).

"The Dark Roots of Earth" is being produced by veteran producer Andy Sneap, who has worked with numerous bands including: Megadeth, Exodus, Machine Head, Nevermore and Arch Enemy. Unfortunately due to a "serious injury", Paul Bostaph was not able to be part of the recording of the album. However, he will return to Testament for future touring plans. Bostaph was replaced on "The Dark Roots of Earth" by the amazing Gene "The Atomic Clock" Hoglan (ex-Dark Angel, ex-Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Dethklok). Also appearing on the album is Chris Adler from Lamb Of God, who did a couple of guest appearances.

Chuck Billy announced during a recent interview, that Testament will be touring this fall with Anthrax, Death Angel and Overkill! WOW! \m/

Testament is:
\m/ Chuck Billy
\m/ Eric Peterson
\m/ Greg Christian
\m/ Alex Skolnick
\m/ Paul Bostaph (currently on hiatus)
\m/ Gene Hoglan (filling in for Bostaph on the recording of their upcoming album titled "The Dark Roots of Earth")

\m/ - The Legacy (1987)
\m/ - The New Order (1988)
\m/ - Practice What You Preach (1989)
\m/ - Souls of Black (1990)
\m/ - The Ritual (1992)
\m/ - Low (1994)
\m/ - Demonic (1997)
\m/ - The Gathering (1999)
\m/ - The Formation of Damnation (2008)
\m/ - The Dark Roots of Earth (2011)

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