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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pro Pain - Trailer For 20 Years Of Hardcore!

New York Metal and Hardcore legends Pro Pain are celebrating their twentieth year in existence in 2011! The band was formed in 1991 when Gary Meskil (vocalist/bassist) and Dan Richardson (drummer) left Crumbsuckers and decided to start Pro Pain. Their debut album "Foul Taste of Freedom" (released in 1992) became an instant classic and in 1993 the band was signed to Roadrunner Records.

Pro Pain have just released a trailer to promote their massive new CD/DVD collection, 20 Years Of Hardcore, which hits officially the streets in North America this coming Tuesday, August 30th.

Since the their inception in the early 90s, the band has toured the entire world countless times, they have also dominated the stages of the world's largest Metal and Hardcore festivals and have millions of devoted fans. Their massive back-catalog bears thirteen full-lengths and a plethora of other releases including singles, DVDs and a live album and two greatest hits compilations to date.


- Studio albums

\m/ Foul Taste of Freedom (1992), Energy/Roadrunner
\m/ The Truth Hurts (1994), Roadrunner
\m/ Contents Under Pressure (1996), Energy/Edel
\m/ Pro-Pain (1998), Rawhead
\m/ Act of God (1999), Nuclear Blast
\m/ Round 6 (2000), Nuclear Blast
\m/ Shreds of Dignity (2002), Spitfire
\m/ Fistful of Hate (2004), Candlelight
\m/ Prophets of Doom (2005), Candlelight
\m/ Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade (2007), Rawhead
\m/ No End in Sight (2008), Regain
\m/ Absolute Power (2010), Regain

- Live albums

\m/ Road Rage (2001), Nuclear Blast

- Compilation albums

\m/ Best of Pro-Pain (1998), High-Gain/Mayhem
\m/ Best of Pro-Pain II (2005), Candlelight

- Tribute albums

\m/ Run for Cover (2003)

\m/ Raw Video (2005), Warner Bros.

In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary as an active Heavy Music band, Pro Pain is now proudly unveiling the details for a special release designed specifically in celebration of their twenty-year anniversary; the massive CD/DVD combo appropriately titled "20 Years Of Hardcore" (to be released in North American on August 30, 2011 via AFM Records).

Pro Pain is:
- Gary Meskil
- Tom Klimchuck
- Marshall Stephens
- Rick Halverson

This behemoth collection of material is much more than just a "greatest hits" or random compilation of tracks. The CD kicks off with four brand new tracks to get things moving! The disc also contains four re-recorded tracks (featuring Pro Pain alumni Rob Moschetti, JC Dwyer, Mike Hanzel and Eric Klinger), cover songs, and a fourteen-song live set filmed in the Czech Republic, in total bearing over 78 minutes of material! The DVD that joins the disc contains over 90 minutes of additional material, including tons of live footage featuring several full concerts, as well as fan-filmed footage and tons of extras, making this an absolute must-have for any fan of PRO-PAIN's patented, groove-laden thunder.

"20 Years Of Hardcore" Track Listing:

- CD:

New Tracks:

01. Damnation
02. Hands In The Jar
03. Someday Bloody Someday
04. True Liberation

Re-recorded Tracks:

05. Foul Taste Of Freedom 2011
06. Make War (Not Love) 2011
07. Denial 2011
08. Shine 2011

Cover track:

09. Keine Amnestie für MTV

Live In Brno (CZ)

10. Unrestrained
11. Three Minutes Hate
12. Can You Feel It
13. UnAmerican
14. Neocon
15. No Way Out
16. F*ck It
17. Draw Blood
18. The Shape Of Things To Come
19. In For The Kill
20. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
21. Foul Taste Of Freedom
22. All For King George
23. Destroy The Enemy

- DVD:

Beograd Concert - SKC 1998:

01. Shine
02. Make War (Not Love)
03. State Of Mind
04. The Stench Of Piss
05. Life's Hard
06. Get Real
07. Time
08. Foul Taste Of Freedom
09. Crush
10. Box City
11. Blood Red
12. Bad Blood

Live at With Full Force:

01. Casualties Of War - 2002
02. UnAmerican - 2005
03. Fuck It - 2007

Live At Lausitzring 2005:

01. Neocon
02. One World Ain't Enough
03. Left For Dead
04. Life's Hard
05. Get Real

Fan Filmed Footage:

01. Iraqnophobia 1993
02. Johnny Black 1996
03. Act Of God 1999
04. Smokin' Gun 1999
05. Implode 2005

Rare Clips From The Vault: A montage of old rare footage

Official Promo Video: "Down For The Cause"

Aggressive, meticulous, passionate, righteous - all distinguishing traits that have come to symbolize the fundamentals of Metal/Hardcore pioneers Pro Pain. Since their crushing debut album "Foul Taste Of Freedom" in 1992, they have become a household name of Heavy Music listeners all over the world. Their successful and enviable career has perpetually prospered throughout its course and yet they still manage to find room to improve, and more importantly, impress.

Photo credit: www.pro-pain.com

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