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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Agnostic Front Premieres Video for "My Life, My Way"!

There is no question that Agnostic Front changed the face of New York City Hardcore forever, actually they were one of the first bands that helped shape up the scene over 25 years ago, and to this very day they have been the ambassador's of NYHC. While you may think that at this point of their careers, they are sitting back and relaxing, the reality is that when it comes to Hardcore music the bands never stop writing music, performing all over the world, and flying the Hardcore flag with pride and joy.

With the release of their new album "My Life, My Way", Agnostic Front have proven again that they are untouchable and have plenty of fuel left in their musical arsenal. The band recently premiered the video for the album titled track "My Life, My Way"!

Here are some interviews we conducted with members of Agnostic Front earlier this year!

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