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Friday, August 26, 2011

Slayer Prove that Safe Sex is Metal!

There are very few bands in the world that carry the torch of Heavy Metal the way the mighty Slayer does. Slayer has been one of the top Heavy Metal bands in the world, since they came out in 1981. At that time the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene was just a baby, and Slayer quickly became one of the godfathers of the scene.

In a very smart marketing move Slayer has launched the most Metallic condom in the market, the Slayer Condom! You can know order your Slayer condoms by visiting the bands official web-store (see below). Each Slayer condom "matchbook" holds one Durex latex condom, and it's available as a three-pack or six-pack.

FYI: Durex condoms continue to be one of the top condom brands. Endless dedication to research and development, all the time striving for better and safer sex and the constant discovery of new latex formulas and polymer materials makes Durex one of the most requested condom brands of all time. All Durex condoms are FDA-approved and effective against sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.

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John Wisely said...

There are so many of manufacturers of the condoms who made the different flavored and quality condoms. So depending on their quality, their flavors, colors and price, the latest top 5 condom brands which are more popular in the world are Moods, Durex, KamaSutra, Manforce and Kohinoor respectively.