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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE Unleash First NEW Song In 7 Years - Listen Now!

American Head Charge is back! After seven years of silence, the Industrial Metallers are set to return to to the musical spectrum via their NEW EP entitled 'Interstice'. The EP marks the band's first NEW musical release since their 2005 'The Feeding' album.

'Interstice' was recorded at Cleveland's Studio D (with additional tracking and mixing done in the band's hometown of Minneapolis) the EP is set to include four NEW songs and a cover of the Patti Smith classic "Rock and Roll Nigger."

Listen to "Sugars of Someday", a NEW song by American Head Charge (courtesy of Noisecreep.com)

"This was a song that Chad had written during the time Head Charge was in limbo; we actually had three different singers put vocals on it prior to Cameron coming back," says American Head Charge guitarist Karma Cheema. "During the first rehearsal, we were working with Sin while Cam was out in the car demoing stuff on his laptop. Unbeknownst to us Cam wrote the vocals almost immediately and came in to play it for us and asked 'What do you think about this?' We were all pretty blown away. It's more of a radio song than we've ever written, not by design, that's just the way it came out. We're at this kinda weird interim between the past and present of Head Charge, and this song was written right in the middle of all that.

"We know it's a departure but we're very proud of it, however, it's in no way indicative of what's coming. We're not planning to make a whole record of songs that sound like this, but 'Sugars' captures a moment in time for a band that had kinda lost its way. The magic of Head Charge, really, is the core members doing what they do together, and "Sugars" is the first time since we wrote The Feeding, that we had a great representation of that. "

American Head Charge is:

- Cameron Heacock: Vocals
- Chad Hanks: Bass
- Karma Cheema and Sin Quirin (Ministry, Revolting Cocks): Guitars
- Justin Fowler (Keyboards)
 - Chris Emery (Drummer)

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