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Friday, July 6, 2012

CBGB FEST Show At Webster Hall Cancelled After A Concert Goer Gets Stabbed!

This just in! We have been informed by a very reliable source that the CBGB Fest show at Webster Hall that was taking place tonight (July 6th) in New York City, was cancelled after a concert goer got stabbed allegedly in the eye. The incident occurred right after VISION OF DISORDER's set!

Two years after the legendary CBGB brand went up for sale and six years after the venue closed for good, rumors began stirring that the legendary Hardcore Punk club would be making some sort of return to New York City. Apparently, New York City is not ready for CBGB's to return!

Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Here is the latest on this story!

Photos by: Zulie Alvarez (www.zuliephotographierocks.com/)


Anonymous said...

I was down there , what a bummer . I dont understand why this needs to happen at Hardcore shows , Its not a RAP event . All this does is give us a BAD REP and where else is there to play ?? Who is gonna want our crowds now ? If you cant handle a dance floor , THEN STAY OFF IT !!!

The NJ Vixen said...

That blows... some dumb ass has to ruin it for everyone else, nice going jerk O

Anonymous said...

You know what else gives us a bad rep, dude? Posting shit like "Its not a RAP event" Cool, so now we stab each other AND we hate on other music like a bunch of stupid juvenile delinquents.

disfunction said...

this was a personal issue...the dude who did it is insane....it did NOT happen on the dancefloor douche

Anonymous said...

This had nothing to do with the dance floor. the attacker was harley one of the founding members of the cro-mags,who the rest of the band refuses to play with, because he is a scumbag. he was pissed cus these got hate him and everyone else has grown up and dont want him around. there has been good and bad things happening at HC shows just as long as there have been good and bad hip hop shows. don't generalize because everynow and then some lunatic does something crazy