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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Randy Blythe Finally Makes Bail But Must Remain In Custody Until At Least Next Week?!

Earlier today (July 3rd), LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe posted 4 million Czech Koruna bail (approximately $200,000) but will remain in Czech custody for at least the next few days. In case you haven't heard, Blythe has been arrested in Prague, the Czech Republic, where he is accused of causing the death of Daniel L. at one of the band's shows in 2010.

So why will Blythe remain in custody until next week? Due to statutory deadlines and the two-day holiday in the Czech Republic at the end of this week, Blythe — who still hasn't been officially charged in the case — won't see his release until sometime next week.

According to judge Petr Fassati of Prague 8 district court, the prosecutor has three working days to decide whether to approve Blythe's release. Since Thursday and Friday are public holidays in the Czech Republic, the deadline for the prosecutor to make a decision regarding a possible release is Monday, July 9. Even if the prosecutor was to make his/her decision today regarding a possible release, Blythe would not be able to leave the country until next week because the court has another three days to provide an official comment on the prosecutor's approval. If the prosecutor was to oppose Blythe's release, an official complaint would be sent to the municipal court. If both the court and the prosecutor agree to oppose Blythe's release, the bail would likely be canceled and returned to the singer.

As previously reported, Randy Blythe was arrested Wednesday (June 27) at the Prague airport on manslaughter charges. Blythe, 41, who was represented by two lawyers in court, is accused of causing the fatal injury that occurred at LAMB OF GOD's May 24, 2010 show in Prague. The singer apparently either pushed or struck a 19-year-old fan named Daniel who had come on stage, and that person died 14 days later of bleeding in the brain.

The crime of which Blythe is being accused is punishable by up to ten years in prison, according to popular Czech news web site Novinky.cz. Here is a picture of Randy Blythe in court.

A number of Blythe's fellow rockers have come to his defense, with many of them citing the 2004 shooting death onstage of PANTERA guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott as the reason why musicians are so defensive nowadays about fans invading the stage. Read some of the comments from the Heavy Music community!

Watch some videos of the Randy Blythe incident
Click here to read a statement from the bands publicist.

Stay tuned for more information about this story.

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