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Saturday, July 7, 2012

SICK OF IT ALL Release Statement Regarding Stabbing Incident At New York City's Webster Hall!

As previously reported, the CBGB Fest show at Webster Hall that was taking place tonight (July 6th) in New York City, was cancelled after multiple (at least two) concert goers were stabbed. The incident occurred right after the VISION OF DISORDER's set, which meant that the CRO MAGS and SICK OF IT ALL did not get to perform. Here is what the members of SICK OF IT ALL posted on their Facebook page:

"We want to apologize to all our fans. Just so it's clear the incident that happen had nothing to do with any of the bands playing tonight! We were so psyched to play and we are just as disappointed as all of you. Also it was the police that shut the show down not the club or the bands."

More information about this breaking story right here!


Anonymous said...

So Harley (ex CroMag) stabs Mike the Gook (current CroMag and DMS)' and it has nothing to do with the bands? Explain that one.

Anonymous said...

I overheard something like that too. Is that true? What a shame dude.

Anonymous said...

Do you really not understand or are you being a dick?