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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Local Band Plays With Fire = THE CONTORTIONIST & Jeff Loomis Are Forced To Cancel Tour Date In Lansing, MI

Wow, this is absolutely uncalled for! Specially if you are trying to "make it" in the music industry. According to "Heavy Blog... Is Heavy", a local band called King (not Kyng) got way out of line last night and as a result THE CONTORTIONIST's tour date in Lansing, MI was cancelled by the bands tour managed. To make matters even worse, the band was celebrating the release of their brand NEW album 'Intrinsic' (out now via eOne/Good Fight Music). The tour also features Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes and Chimp Spanner.

Here’s a few accounts of what happened according to a few Facebook users (kept anonymous):

“So, these are the ASSUMPTIONS I’ve gathered from tonight’s show and what went down. There was an adjoining room where local bands were playing in between the nationals, and one of the bands who I won’t name was breathing fire, and pouring fuel on the floor and lighting shit on fire, so the smell got in the air ducts and the entire place reeked of lighter fluid. During the band’s set, people in the pit were getting unnecessarily violent and a few people ended up bloody. Even the owner of the venue was attacked. So, the tour manager felt it was no longer safe for the bands to be there so they packed up their shit. This is all word of mouth. The only thing I saw was bloody and angry people and all I could smell was lighter fluid so I walked outside. Now said band and the promo company is telling everyone on the event page that they are all faggots and pussies. Real nice. Don’t think I’ll ever go to a show there again…”

“Some band from Flint somehow ended up playing in between 7H7E (7 Eyes 7 Horns). They over-ran by like 30 minutes, and when the sound guy tried to unplug them, a bunch of dudes threatened to kick the shit out of him. Some guys got beaten up, there were baseball bats (apparently) and barbed wire. Some kind of “gang” thing. Fuckin sketchy as hell.”

“So thanks to King for beating the shit out if everybody and making The Contortionist and everybody leave. Go sell crack in Flint and stay out of Lansing. You ruined a night that was supposed to top them all…”

“Thanks a lot, King; you and your douchebag fans used pyrotechnics (the smell of kerosene was overwhelming) and your lust of fighting, which led to Loomis (Jeff Loomis) not being able to play.”

“Very unfortuante what went down in Lansing tonight, it was suppsoed to be a great show and a party to celebrate the new The Contortionist album release, instead we get a shitty local band named “KING” ruining it for everyone by doing pyros and starting bloody fights, the tour manager decided to cancel the whole show for security reasons :(“

Meanwhile, Chimp Spanner apologizes to all the fans like a sir:

"Just a quick message to all of you who traveled to Lansing to see us tonight – we’re absolutely gutted the show couldn’t happen. The safety of the bands, and you all, comes first. We will be at Blondies on August 5th, so if you can come (again) it’d be great to see you and have a belated beer or two with you all. Thanks for being so cool about it, and especially to those of you who still managed to walk away with a tee shirt or two. ♥ you guys!x"

King's apology:

"We apologize to everyone that didn’t get to see the acts after us. However the problems that any well to do security staff could have easily defused were minor ie. no serious injuries etc. and we’re confused why the whole show was stopped because of one incident. PEACE"

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