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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BIOHAZARD: Fan Loses Consciousness At The Bands Concert In Slovakia - Video Available!

This past Sunday, July 15, a fan lost consciousness after stage diving during BIOHAZARD's concert in Kosice, Slovakia. Thankfully, after noticing the passed out fan on the floor of the venue, the bands guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei immediately stopped the show and called for the crowd to move forward so that the fan could receive assistance. He told the audience over the PA system, "If you're gonna jump off stage, you've gotta catch each other. We're fucking brothers, we're fucking sisters. One fucking scene. I don't want anybody to get hurt."

According to reports from other people attending the concert, the fan in question did not sustain any serious injuries and he regained consciousness a short time later.

Today, Graziadei posted the following comment on his Facebook page:

"I GREW UP stage diving (as most of us did), it was the biggest challenge at a show; getting past security, pledging your love for the band you were watching by launching yourself off the stage! Sometimes I was caught but more times than not, I wasn't. I have the scars from stitches and many concussions I carry with pride as "war wounds" from shows. Like many others, I've spent the night in the hospital after shows more times than I care to remember. Do I regret it? F*ck no! Just like all of my friends/family around the world from OUR subculture of which I proudly consider my self part of, I carry these scars and memories with pride as we ALL do. Is a sad thing when someone get's hurt and it pains me to watch this video. I'm happy to say our friend David is OK, he is home from the hospital! With the sad event that went down in Czech Republic, our hearts go out to everyone involved! I'm glad this story had a happier ending!"

BIOHAZARD's European Tour (remaining tour dates):

17.07. Cham – L.A. (Germany) + SIX REASONS TO KILL
20.07. Tokaj – Hegyalja Festival (Hungary)
21.07. Jarocin – Festival (Poland)
22.07. Oberhausen – Devilside (Germany)

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